Ep #205: Everything Is For You

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Today I will cover a topic that means a lot to me, something you can realize on an intellectual and experiential level. I recently had the honor of an experience from a divine source, which was a message. Brothers, I want to share that message with you today and delve into what it means. This will be challenging because it is difficult to describe an experience with words. I am going to share a universal truth that will change your life when you experience it, which is everything and everyone is here for you. 

As I said, this will be a difficult challenge as words are insufficient. Using words to explain and experience is like explaining what a rainbow looks like to someone who has been blind their whole life. That person will only truly appreciate the beauty of a rainbow once they see it for themselves. The same as riding a bicycle is different from understanding how a bike works. To begin your journey to universal truth, you must first comprehend the difference between understanding and experience.

The universal truth is this; everything is for you. Everything is here for you to learn from, such as your friends and enemies. Both of these people act as a mirror to help you identify and realize the emotions and thoughts within you, to help you grow and expand your consciousnesses. That is true for everyone on this planet. We are magnets attracting the experiences and people our souls want. We move away from each other to experience and then find each other again to love and learn.

That is our true purpose of being; to learn from our experiences and each other. Our souls are forever seeking new life lessons, eventually leading them to become complete, which takes many, many lifetimes. However, only once you understand the concept can you begin to experience it. Brothers, join me today as I help you understand so that you can experience what your soul is looking for as I help you elevate your alpha!

What Youll Learn from This Episode:

  • The qualities required for you to reach your alpha state.
  • The difference between understanding and experience. 
  • What it actually means to be selfish.
  • The correct definition of the universe.
  • The purpose of being and life experiences.

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[00:00:09] ANNOUNCER: Welcome to The Alpha Male Coach Podcast, the only podcast that teaches men the cognitive mastery and alpha mindset that it takes to become an influential and irresistible man of confidence.

Here’s your host, certified life coach, and international man of mystery, Kevin Aillaud.


[00:00:32] KA: What’s up my brothers? Welcome back to The Alpha Male Coach Podcast. I am your host, Kevin Aillaud. We are kicking off the last class of the tribe, which is the Coach Certification Course, starting on September 5, 2022. This will be the last class of 2022. This is the last class of the year. Now, the video replay of the webinar they did last Thursday is now on the website. If you go to thealphamalecoach.com, you can watch it if you have any questions. However, brothers, do that soon because I’m closing enrollment because I’m going to be sending out the course materials to all the students before the start date, so enrollment closes soon. There are only eight slots for this class.

Now brothers, today, I’m going to get into a topic that is very special for me. This is one of the most important things that you can realize, on both an intellectual and experiential level. I have had the honor of receiving this message from divine source, from the all oneness, from God, whatever you want to call it, whatever that means for you, whatever label you prefer. But I’ve received this message on a deeply experiential level. I’ve received it from plant medicine ceremonies, which I know may seem as though, hey! Like, look, if you received it from plant medicine series, then it was probably just a drug-induced trance. But here’s the thing, brothers. I’ve also had the privilege of experiencing this blessed state of being after doing tantric energy work with a partner and from meditating on my own.

With all experiences, I’m going to do my best as a teacher and as a guide to explain these concepts using words alone. The difficulty here is trying to explain an experience. The more experiences I receive from the alpha state and from divine source, the more I attempt to come up with different analogies and stories for putting these experiences into words, so that you can begin to – at least in the beginning, understand using your mind. The more you understand and apply, the more you will bring these concepts into your experience. However, it’s only with the right energy movement and with divine right timing that you will experience this amazing state of being from your alpha state, from your true self, and from the all oneness. It’s like trying to explain a rainbow to someone who has been blind their entire life. Like I can use words, I can use analogies, I can use stories, concepts that might be familiar with all of your life experiences, right? You’ve had all these life experiences without sight. You’ve gone through life using your sense of smell, your sense of hearing, taste, touch, and you have experiences that you’ve accumulated over your life. I can try to explain what a rainbow looks like using all different types of analogies, stories and concepts. You may, over time, begin to draw an image in your mind of what a rainbow looks like.

However, the only way to really experience the fullness of a rainbow is to see it. You’ve got to see it. The only way to experience the Grand Canyon is to be there, because pictures in books are not the same. They are not the same as the experience. I know this firsthand, because I’ve lived in the Grand Canyon, and it’s so amazingly wild. But there’s so many things like this, that the experience of it is so different than our understanding of it. Riding a bike, the experience of riding a bike is very different than understanding how a bike works. With all my intention, with all my love, I’m going to begin to explain to you a beautiful universal truth, one that will change your life when you have the experience of it, and that is that everything is for you. Everything and everyone is here for you.

Brothers, this is the truth of what it means to be selfish. I’ve talked to you guys about being selfish before. I’ve told you that being selfish is a good thing. It is so important for you to hear this. It’s so important for you to understand this. Being selfish is a good thing. Selfishness has gotten a bad rep, or at least the way we connote it, the way we understand it in our minds, the way we interpret it, the way we perceive it. People are teaching that we all need to be selfless. Human beings need to be selfless, that we need to forget ourselves and exist for the sake of others. In many ways, that is true. There’s nothing greater in this experience than to live in service to the universe because the universe is in service to each one of us all the time. When we are in service to the universe, the mind is focused on giving, which pulls it away from thinking about lack. It pulls it away from thinking about scarcity, it pulls it away from fear, from our own worries, doubts, guilt, shame, and so on.


This is why the masters say to forget yourself and live in a state of service to others, to be selfless and give without a thought to the self. This is all true, but I am going to talk to you about a different type of selfishness, a different concept of what it means to be selfish. I want you to let go of all the thoughts, all the judgments you’ve ever had about the people in your life. This will be true of all the people in your past as well. However, to make this very simple exercise, I just want to keep it in the present. Think about all the people in your life in the present. Or even, let’s make it even simpler. Just think about one or two people in your life. Think about a person you love deeply and then think about a person that triggers you greatly, that you have a problem with, a “problem.” All problems are thoughts but think about a person that triggers you into these thoughts.

It seems easy, and maybe even a bit romantic, depending on the first person you’re thinking about. The person you love to believe that this person is here for you, that this person was made for you. You love this person. This person probably loves you. It’s easy to think, “Oh, yeah, this person was made for me. We have all these stories about soulmates and so on and it’s very easy to think, yes, this person is in my life for me, and there’s no coincidences and they were made for me.” This is easy, right? Now, with the other person, the person who triggers you greatly. This person was made for you too. They were brought into your life with purpose, with intention. They are just as important to your life’s journey as the first person you thought about, the person who you love so deeply.

Now, how does that sound? Does that resonate? Does that vibrate within you as a known truth? Does your soul speak to you in remembrance of this universal truth? Maybe, maybe not. I don’t know. At this stage of the podcast, I mean, with like five minutes in the podcast, maybe, maybe not. Let’s proceed. Brothers, every person in your life has a role to play for you. Your life is the center of the universe. Now, the universe is not what scientists have told us it is, okay. I’m going to step on some toes here. If you’re a fan of Nova, if you’re a fan of NASA, if you’re a fan of Neil deGrasse Tyson, then I may be stepping on some toes here with the statement. The picture we’ve been given of the universe is false. Consciously or unconsciously, we’ve been conditioned to believe a lie. The universe has no boundary, brothers. The scientists will say it’s expanding, that it has been expanding since the Big Bang and it is expanding outward from that point, wherever that point was, wherever that singularity was, where the Big Bang began. This isn’t entirely true, although it may appear that way from a mathematical point of view.

The truth is, the universe has no boundary. It is infinite. It has no boundary. Anything that doesn’t have a boundary also has no center. There is no center to the universe. Well, there is a center of the universe and that center is you. You are the center of the universe. Brother, you are the center, you are the magnetic monopole that attracts all the perfection of what is required for you to experience what you need to experience as a soul living the human journey. You are the center, you are the soul, you are the magnet. Now, here’s the thing, you are the center of the universe, and so is the person sitting next to you, and so is the person driving next to you, and so is the person living in that house that you’re passing as you go on a walk or a run. And every other person on the planet is also the center of the universe. The universe is a combination of two words, unit and diverse, universe. Unit and diverse, right? You get that? 

Unit and diverse, universe. Unity and diversity. We are all one. That is unity. And yet, we are all experiencing that oneness in the separation, which is our diversity. One unit in the illusion of perfect diversity. That is the universe. I’ve talked a lot about you being in the perfect place, that everything you’ve ever done has brought you to where you are now, which is exactly where you belong. I’ve talked a lot about the perfection of your life and how everything happens perfectly for you. Now, I am talking about how every other person around you has also been there for you. Every person is the center of the universe because the universe has no boundary. No boundary, no center, so everything’s revolving around the soul. Your soul, their soul. I’m saying that every single other soul moving through the energy of the all oneness has played their perfect part in serving you, giving to you, offering you exactly what you needed at the time you needed it as you were there for them, giving to them, serving to them, offering to them exactly what they needed at the time they needed it.

We are not these physical forms. We are not these separate vehicles of flesh. We are energies. We are condensed forms of energy, of light, and of love. We are moving towards each other in love and we are moving away from each other in freedom. When we contract and move towards each other. We do so with the intention purpose of our individual soul, and the universal soul, which is God or the all oneness. It’s the big purpose. This is love. When we contract to move towards each other, the intention is love. It is love that brings things together, that contracts. When we expand and move away from each other, we do so with the intention and purpose of our individual soul and the universal soul. This is freedom. Freedom is moving away from each other. We love and come together. We free and go apart. We love and come together. We free and go apart. This is like the breadth of life.


Our souls are moving towards each other in love and away from each other in freedom. This is all a dance of perfection and intention. As your individual soul, the center of your being is also the center of the universe. It is constantly expanding and contracting. It is always attracting what it needs to experience and becoming free from what it has experienced. You understand that brothers? When you’ve experienced something, you become free of it, you move away from it. When you’re ready to experience something new, you move towards it. This is love and freedom. It’s the attachment that our mind creates that causes suffering. It’s like going through the education process. As we move towards third grade, in order to grow, we leave behind second grade, right? We take with us the lessons we learned in second grade. It’s like we just leave second grade behind to say, “Okay. We’re done. We take all those lessons that we assimilate them, and now we’ve learned from them, we’ve loved second grade. Now, we’re free from second grade, so we can go on and love third grade.”

We assimilate, we accumulate this information from second grade. We learn the lessons, then we grow, then we expand. What do we expand into. We expand into love, of course, because love is attraction. It is what we draw towards us. It is the force of contraction, of attraction. It draws towards us what we need to experience next in our life in order to grow and expand again. Brothers, we are not on a journey of becoming better. We are not learning to be better people. There’s no such thing as better, right? Better is a thought. You cannot be better, you are perfect. We are on a journey towards ultimate freedom, which is the accumulation of all the experiences possible for the soul. We are on a path of freedom. We bring towards us in love through attraction, what we need to experience in order for us to expand from in freedom, and move on to the next experience. Once we have experienced all the things, our soul is then free to return to the all oneness. Of course, this takes many, many, many, many lifetimes.

All the time, in every moment of our existence in human form, we are being offered what we need to experience in order to grow and expand further into freedom until we reach ultimate freedom, which is the permanent returning to the all oneness of pure consciousness. This is why everything that is happening here in this planet, everything that’s happening for you in the physical, human experience is for you. Everything is happening for you. Every person has come into your life through love for you. Your soul has attracted every single person, every single experience. Your soul is attracting what it needs to experience in order to grow, and expand and then become free of that desire, of that need of love, of that need of attraction. Even when it appears that this person – that this person has experienced. Even when it appears that this person is bad, or harmful or rude, or your mind has created a story that they hurt you, or that you don’t like them, or any other judgments you make. Like they are stupid, they are ugly, they are mean, they’re closed off, or whatever the story is. Every single person has been there for you. Every single experience you have ever had has been there for you.

If you’re not getting that lesson, if your soul is not experiencing what it needs to experience, if you’re attracting someone, but you’re rejecting the lesson, you’re rejecting the experience, and you’re running from them. trying to get away from them, then you’re just going to attract another soul that’s going to teach you the same lesson, because that’s what is happening. Your soul is seeking to experience this lesson and it’s just going to keep trying to experience this lesson by attracting in love what it needs to experience, what it needs to understand. So that then it can become free of that experience. There is more data swirling around in the environment around you than you are capable of perceiving. You are always drawn to the data that you must be drawn to in order to experience what your soul needs to experience. It is all for you. Everything is for you.


Brothers, everything is for you. Every single person here in your life is for you. In a way, it’s like that movie, The Truman Show. Have you guys seen The Truman Show? Have you seen this one? Basically, it’s about a guy that is the star of a television show that everybody in the world watches. It’s like a reality show that’s really a reality show, that’s really like – not like the reality shows that we have on TV that are scripted. They’re completely choreographed and scripted. I’m talking about like a reality show. It’s a real reality show, like no scripts. Since his birth – this guy’s name is Truman. Since his birth, he’s been the star of the show, but he doesn’t know he’s on TV. That’s the premise of the movie. That’s why this movie so amazing. He doesn’t know he’s on TV. All these cameras are set up all over town, all around in his house, everywhere, at his job. Everywhere he goes, there’s cameras everywhere. He thinks he’s just living this normal life. He thinks he’s going through life the way you think you’re going through life. The way I think I’m going through life. The way we as human beings think we’re going through life. It’s just all like, we’re just going through it as everything’s happening.

He thinks he just bumps into people, people just they’re moving around him randomly. He thinks his job was a choice he made because his mind told them a story, like this is what I want to do, this is what I’m good at, this is what I liked doing. He thinks his friends were chosen based on who he likes. Everybody in town is someone he knows or doesn’t know. He thinks his neighbors randomly just moved in next to him. Essentially, like I said, he thinks about his life the way you think about your life. It’s all either something chosen by the mind or it’s something that occurred randomly.

Now, while all of this is going on. There’s this guy up in the sky that is directing the whole show. Now, this guide doesn’t set up any scripts. Like I say, he doesn’t set up any scripts or any specific events. He allows Truman to choose his own destiny. Truman just goes through his daily life. He set up his routines, his patterns. He’s got his things that he says and things that he’s does, his own little habits. But each person in his life is cast to play a specific role and keep him moving in a certain direction, all for the entertainment of the viewing audience of which Truman himself doesn’t even know that there is a viewing audience. Now, I’m not going to explain the whole movie for you. I don’t want to ruin it. I want to spoil it. If you want to watch it, go watch it. It’s a great movie. I think Jim Carrey is a genius. I think Jim Carrey is a genius on-screen and off-screen. I think Jim Carrey is just absolutely amazing.

But the analogy here, is that for Truman, each person in his life is for him. They’re all working there for him. They’re all there specifically for him. They are paid actors playing apart for him, a very specific part for him, for him to have a neighbor, for him to have experienced something about what it’s like for him to be a neighbor to someone. It’s like, “Good morning.” Every day he says, “Good morning” to his neighbor, “In case I don’t see you, good afternoon, good evening and good night.” That’s his thing, and he has this neighbor, but that’s for him to experience. The neighbor was put there on purpose for him to have that experience of what it’s to be a neighbor. They even surrounded him with water. Here’s a spoiler alert. They surround them with water, they put him on this island and then they cooked up a story about his dad drowning to make them afraid of the water, so he won’t leave the set, so he won’t leave the town. 

Like I say, I know this is a bit of a spoiler. But the point is, that everything that happens in that town is happening for him for a specific purpose, for a specific lesson to be learned, a specific growth to occur. Every person is a paid actor there for him. He is the star of the show, to have the life he chooses to live and these people are helping guide him on that path. Okay. So here it is, brothers. Here is the universal truth, that everything is for you. You are Truman, everyone is Truman, everyone is the star of a show that the universe is watching and God is co-creating so that each one of us can continue to expand by having more and more experiences and move through what it is that we are afraid of, or the conditioned mind has told us that we want or don’t want, that we like or don’t like.

We are here to conquer these fears. We are here to look these fears in the face and become not afraid of them. We’re here to look at our don’t likes right in the face and ask ourselves, “Where can we find amazingness in this.” Every person – now, specifically, every person in your life is like those paid actors. Each one of them comes to you in your life for a specific reason. Your soul attracts them on purpose for a reason your mind will not understand until after the encounter or perhaps never at all. There are times that maybe your mind will just never understand why you had to bump into this person, why it was so important for you to meet this person, why it was so important for you to have a relationship with this person, why it was so important for you simply to exchange words with this person. 

Maybe you go, maybe you take a subway to work, maybe you take a bus, maybe you take your own car, maybe you’re passing by somebody in the hallway, in a building, or in an office, or a grocery store, or in a cafe or whatever. Maybe you just, you bump into people, and you exchange words, you exchange ideas, you exchange eye contact and a smile on a conversation. Your mind will never know. It will never – it may make up a story. It may make up a story as to why but your soul knows that that exchange had to happen and it had to happen for you. Every person is for you. Every soul is there for you. Every single person in your life has come into your life for you. This is why I created the mirror principle. You guys remember the mirror principle, what you think about others tells you nothing about them and everything about you. That is the mirror principle. When you remember this, when you remember that what you think about others, it’s not about them, it’s about you, then you won’t show up with blame. “Oh, they did this” or “They said that. They are bad” or “They are disrespectful” or “They are aggressive” or “They are trying to hurt me.”


When you remember that every soul, that every person in your life has come to you on purpose in love, so that you can move closer towards freedom, so that you can expand the experience of your soul, then you can be aware of what you think about them and heal from those judgments, and then you can bless that person, you can bless that soul for being in your life to show you what you needed to see in order for your mind to expand more into freedom. This is why the Christ said, “Love your enemies.” Do you remember that? Jesus said that. He said, “Love your enemies.” This is why the Buddha said, “Our enemies are our greatest teachers.” I mean, come on, like two of the most amazing teachers to ever exist said the exact same thing. This is the meaning behind these statements. Because the person that the mind considers to be an enemy, the person that your mind says this is my enemy shows us that judgment that we have within us. It exposes that judgment, it exposes that thought. That’s what the Buddha said. Our enemies teach us. They are our greatest teachers by exposing those judgments to us.

Then, when those judgments are exposed, and we can heal from them, we can expand from them, we can become free of them, then we can go to that person and say, “Thank you for showing me this. Thank you for showing me my mind” and then we can love them. That’s what the Christ said, “Love your enemies. Love those who expose in you your pain, your hatred, your anger, your resentment. Love those people.” Everything is for you, my brother. Every person in your life is for you. This is so beautiful. This is such a beautiful concept to understand, intellectually. However, it has a quantum effect in your life, when you realize it as an experience. When you experience this universal truth in your body, as a vibration, your entire perception of the world changes. It is so magical.

To apply this practice, I want to offer that you begin to see the people in your life that are already there, that your soul has already attracted as being there for you. Listening to this podcast is a part of that journey. Listening to what I’m telling you right now is a part of you expanding, it’s a part of you becoming more aware and conscious. But all the people in your life see them as teachers who are showing you your own mind. They’re showing you your mind, your thoughts, your conditioning. These people are gifts for you. They’re like teachers in a classroom. They are teaching you the most important things. They’re showing you the path of freedom. They are leading you into experience. Be patient and be very presence with every single person in front of you. Allow them to show you what you think about them. 

Don’t listen to what the words that they’re saying, because if you judge their words, that you’re judging them. “They are disrespectful, they are rude, they are mean, they are bad, they are whatever.” It’s not about their words, it’s about the way you think about their words. Be aware of your thoughts, be aware of what you have in front of you. Not someone who is attacking you, not someone who is adoring you. But the thoughts you have about what they’re saying, you have a soul, you have a messenger, you have an actor who is there for you in this movie of your life. They’re supporting you on your journey by offering you these words. When you get these words, you get to watch your mind, you get to observe your thoughts, you get to lead yourself into an expansion of freedom. And do so especially with the people who are triggering thoughts that create more discomfort emotionally. 

When you have an uncomfortable emotion that is so much more powerful than the people that trigger comfortable emotions, these are the best teachers. The teachers that show us love are amazing and we can easily bless and thank them. Our friends, our family, the people that we’re like, “Yes, my thoughts about them are great. This person is great. This person is wonderful. I love them. They’re so amazing. They have all these things.” That’s wonderful, and they’re there for us as well. Everything is for us. But the teachers that show us the pain we carry are more difficult to recognize as they’re for us, is there for loving us, because we don’t want to see our pain, so we reject that pain. We say that they are the ones who are wrong. We say that they are the ones who are bad, or negative, and we blame them and we judge them but it’s our own judgments that we need to see. These are the ones that we can truly learn from. 

Sun Tzu, The Art of War, he said, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” Now, you could read this and think it is a military tactic, think it is a strategy of espionage or manipulation, but I want to offer this other concept. I want to see if you can apply these words. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Can you apply that to this concept? That what he meant was what I am teaching you now in this podcast? Keep your friends close, brothers, because they nourish you. They nourish you with your thoughts that are positive and happy and welcoming and confident and loving. They nourish you. Keep those people close. They nourish you, those thoughts that motivate and inspire you. You want them with you, you want them in your life. But keep your enemies closer, because they reveal to you what you are rejecting within you. When they reveal that, you can see it, and you can expand from it and you could become free of it.


Keep those people closer. Keep those people there. Ask them, “Tell me. What do you think? Tell me what is happening. Tell me. Show me more.” Because it’s your thinking that you’re seeing. It’s not them. You’re not seeing them. We don’t see the world the way it is. We see the world the way we are. You don’t see them. I guarantee you don’t see them. Why can I guarantee that? Because you are seeing flesh, you are seeing separation, you are seeing illusion. You don’t see the perfect soul in front of you offering the gifts of exposing the thoughts that you have within you so that you can become free of those thoughts, so you can let go of those limiting beliefs, so you can turn away from those judgments that are causing you pain. Keep those people closer. Friends close, enemies closer. 

Everything is for you. That is a universal truth. That is true for every single one of you listening to this podcast episode. Everything is for you, specifically for you. What’s happening for you is for you. Every single person in your life is for you. Brothers, that is what I have for you today, the Tribe Class 003 is closing soon for enrollment and won’t open again until 2023. If you want to learn this methodology and how to guide people using this process, this is the course for that. This is the coach certification course. The tribe will teach you this process. If instead, you’re seeking your own personal freedom from the prison of your conditioned mind, which is the beta condition, then the academy is always available for you. Everything is for you. Until next week, my friends, elevate your alpha.


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