Observing the world around us, it’s impossible not to be completely in awe of the natural world. Brothers, creation is one of the forces for the universe. Star Wars has given us the perfect illustration of the way that forces operate in our universe. For example, gravity is a force in our universe that holds things together. Just like gravity, creation is a force that only attracts. This is important for you to know because gravity responds to actions.

Whether we know it or not, our thoughts are always creating our reality. That’s why the most important skill that we can teach ourselves and our children is cognitive mastery. We know that creation exists. We don’t know what it is, but we know that it is there. We don’t need to know what these forces are, we just need to know how they work, and see the results they bring. All things will be revealed in time because all things exist now! What you do need to do, is to practice utilizing and engaging this force, and that’s how you will release yourself from the prison of forgetting. 

A simple meditation technique can help you to engage this force. First, you’ll find a comfortable seated position, before starting to focus on your breathing and then moving into a body scan. Your body is a cellular vehicle; a group of cells held together by energy. When we go into our bodies and experience this energy, we enter a meditative state. The five-part process begins with recognition, by engaging with the experience of yourself, and the world beyond. You can use the mantra ‘it is’ to help you to expand to all of everything. The second step is unification. The ‘I am’ statement is the most powerful in all of life, because it reminds us that we are not separate from the universe, and so we move from ‘it is’ to ‘I am’. We dwell on these for up to 15 minutes. There’s a state of being you’ll slide into where your brain waves actually change, and you begin to experience an expansion into everything. You lose a sense of boundary, a sense of body. 

Next, we move into declaration or command. The same way gravity responds to our actions. The force of creation does the same thing with our thoughts and beliefs. We declare from a place of having happened, having already occurred. Do this without self-judgment. If you create with judgment, your creation will be confused. Brothers, you can be anything. Through these thought uploads, you can heal yourself. We do this according to three specifications: it is positive, it is in the present moment, and it is for the common good. Even though the force of creation is impersonal and neutral, the more we begin to heal, the more we will experience that revolution externally. As it is said, it is done. 

We move into gratitude, the gateway to the soul. Gratitude is how you reveal to yourself all the other derivatives of love. It is a simple thank you for what has already happened, what is to come, and what is happening now, which we know is all the same thing. Everything has already happened, the good and the bad, and through gratitude, we receive the good. How will you feel when this occurs? You will feel gratitude! We work on this as a practice. Not just by writing down what you are grateful for, but being thankful for everything, what you have and what you don’t. 

Lastly, we step into faith, the release, the knowing that the state of being is enough and the doing is neutral. It’s an acknowledgment that there isn’t a knowledge of the how and the when, but only the knowledge of what is. We don’t know how your declaration will occur, or when it will occur, but we know that it is occurring now at all times and that because of your declaration and gratitude, it will occur. It’s a release. We release that declaration, through gratitude, into the field of oneness. 

Brothers, if you’re listening to this podcast, you are already on the path. This path calls to you, regardless of the stories your mind is telling you. Excuses are thought pathways that are only relevant if you choose to make them so. Take the momentous leap and begin your remembering today!

What Youll Learn from This Episode:

  • That creation is one of the forces for the universe.
  • How the Force in Star Wars can be used to illustrate the forces at work in our world.
  • Similarities between the forces of gravity and creation in our lives.
  • Why cognitive mastery is the most important skill you can teach yourself and your children.
  • Why it isn’t necessary for us to know what these forces are, but just to know that they exist. 
  • How to release yourself from the prison of forgetting by utilizing and engaging the force of creation.
  • The five-step meditation to help you engage the force.
  • What our bodies are: cells held together by energy. 
  • How to use the mantra ‘it is’ to be expanded to all of everything. Why the ‘I am’ statement is the most powerful in creation. 
  • Why it is so important not to judge what you are creating.
  • The story of how a brother in the academy healed himself through thought uploads.
  • How gratitude works as reception.
  • The role of faith as a release.
  • Why if you are listening to this podcast, you are already on the path to remembering.

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ANNOUNCER: Welcome to The Alpha Male Coach Podcast, the only podcast that teaches men the cognitive mastery and alpha mindset that it takes to become an influential and irresistible man of confidence. Here’s your host, certified life coach and international man of mystery, Kevin Aillaud.


[0:00:32.7] KA: What’s up, my brothers? Welcome back to The Alpha Male Coach Podcast and I’m in Canada. I know, it’s wild because you guys know how much I love the warm weather but I got to tell you, I’m going to be in Canada for the summer and the reason is because I am excited to explore the beautiful forests of British Columbia.

Now, like I say, many of you know that I am in love with the sea and the jungle. I’m a patty dive master and I’m a certified technical cave diver. I know how to sail, I know how to surf, paddle board, kayak, white water raft. Brothers, I love being in the water, I love being near the water, I love being around the water. That being said, I am a Taurus, I’m an earth sign. Through the earth, I am grounded.

I love the jungle, you guys know I love the jungle for its biodiversity. I’ve talked to you guys about my experiences in the jungle that are simply mind-blowing. I love just being in the jungle, not doing anything, it’s not about doing. There’s a lot of doing out there, I just made a list of doing, right? I’d love to sail and surf and scuba dive and white-water raft, it’s a lot of doing. 

In the jungle, I love to be, just be and listen. Listen to the plants, the insects, the birds and the reptiles speak to me and to each other. I just love it, the jungle lives in a tropical climate and I love that climate, I love the tropics. Now, the jungle of the temperate climate is called the forest.

I do a lot of backpacking and camping. I do hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, all sorts of leisure activities in the forest like birdwatching and mushroom picking and fly fishing. I just love the forest as well. The forest is essentially a jungle in a different type of climate.

[0:02:17.2] There’s a lot of biodiversity in the forest as well and I’m so excited. I mean, I’m really excited about this summer because I’m going to explore around the pacific northwest in British Columbia, you guys know I have a house in Portland, right? 

Which is part of the Pacific Northwest in the United States where there’s also a rainforest, there’s also a lot of forests, beautiful area of the world but I’ve gone a bit further north up into Canada, up in the British Columbia and I’m going to be here for the summer while it’s warm and I can enjoy these outdoor activities. Although, you know brothers, I do enjoy snowboarding and other winter fun as well. 

All right, let’s talk about creation for a moment before digging into the thought upload. You guys have heard me talk about creation a lot. In fact, I talk about it a lot because it is one of the forces for the universe.

Now, when I talk about the force of the universe, I want to make sure that I clarify this, all right? Because, I know that I talk a lot about the force in relation to the movies, Star Wars, right? The entire George Lucas thing.

Now, in that movie, they have this thing called the force, right? It’s the force, it’s what the jedis use, it’s what the Sith use to, you know, it’s a part of their power, right? But it’s not just their power. It’s the power that exists in the galaxy far, far away. A long time ago, far, far away. But when I talk about the force, I’m talking about actual forces.

[0:03:37.5] Forces that we have that we know are here in our universe and they’re not so different. I know that Star Wars is a movie, it’s a fictional film but the synonymous, there’s so synonym here, there’s definitely some similarities between that force, the George Lucas force and the forces that I’m talking about because for example, gravity. 

Gravity is a force, it’s a force in our universe and it’s a force that holds things together. It’s a force of love because it pulls things together, it keeps things close, it keeps things, it’s an attractive force, gravity only attracts, gravity does not repel. It’s a force that works one directional. It’s mono, it’s like a mono pull, right? Where we have polls that like in a magnet where there’s positive and negative, got the opposites, they attract if they got the same and they repel.

Gravity is not like that, gravity only attracts, gravity keeps things together. It’s a pulling, it’s one directional an that’s what these forces of the universe are because the universe as a construct, as a whole, as a field, of oneness, is a field of love and what I mean when I say that brothers, I guess I got to even peel back another layer here because when I say that, I’ve said it a lot without explanation. 

When I say that, what I mean is that there is a field that we live in, it’s oneness and in that field of oneness, there is this constant attraction. There is everything that exist at all times and it’s – I’m not talking about the love that we have for a person, place or thing, right? I’m not talking about the love that we have for an event or a wife, girlfriend or an animal like a pet or a family member or friend or our job or whatever. 

[0:05:25.0] I’m not talking about the love in terms of the language and the experience. I’m talking about a totality. When I say love, the universe is made up of love, I mean the universe is made up of all things that only attract. It’s only attraction, it’s a field of everything. That everything is love.

So in that field, we have different forces. One of those forces is gravity but another one of those forces is creation and just like gravity, creation only attracts. It only attracts. Now, this is important for you to know because as we’ve talked about creation, very similar to as we talked about gravity, gravity responds to actions.

We take an action by placing an object in a location in space, in our human experience of space, we put an object in its particular space, we put the chair in the room, we put the table in the living room, I have the chair under the table, we put a pen on the desk, we put our phone in our pocket, right? It holds there, it stays there. Gravity does this, it attracts, it responds to our actions.

Creation is the same force, same but different, right? Similar but different because it responds to our thoughts but again, here’s what I want you to know, it only attracts. It attracts what we think will be attracted to us through the force of creation. Literally brothers, you are creating all the time. All the time you’re creating, with every thought that goes through your mind. 

[0:07:02.4] Now, how do you know what thoughts are going through your mind? Of course, that’s the process, right? That’s the process of mind management, the process of cognitive mastery, the whole idea behind emotional ownership, that’s’ what we teach in the academy, that’s why the academy is so, is this level one place to begin your journey of remembering, of self-remembrance and self-creation.

Because if you begin to use your mind for its intended purpose, which is through the process of creation is to create the world, to create yourself and through creating yourself, you create the world the way you want to see it evolve, the way you want to evolve yourself.

In that process of creation, like I say, there’s only attraction. So whatever it is you think will be attracted to you. Most of our thoughts are unconscious, most of our thoughts, we are not aware of, most of our thoughts are just running in our mind as a conditioned story, as a conditioned belief system that we’re simply not aware of.

We don’t know what we’re thinking but we are always creating with what we’re thinking. Again, the most important tool, the most important skill and I’ll say this again, you have heard me say this, the most important skill that we can ever learn and that we can ever teach our children is cognitive mastery.

[0:08:16.1] It is more important than reading, writing an arithmetic, brothers. You as a human being can learn this skill right now and if you have kids, I would offer, I’m not telling you how to parent, I would never do that, I don’t even give my students advice, much less you know, it’s not for me to tell you what to do, it’s not for me to tell you what to think.

I can only decide what I want to think, I can only decide what I want to do and how I want to be. It’s for you to determine how you want to think, what you want to do but I will say this, I believe that for our species to really evolve, to really evolve to the next level, to take a quantum leap in evolution, we must begin to learn this very basic and simple skill of cognitive mastery and teach it to the next generation, to teach it to our children because this is how we evolve externally. 

The only way to evolve externally is to begin to understand the power that we have internally and that is through the force of creation. Just like gravity, this force is very real. It’s there, we know it, we can see it the same way we can see gravity. You know, it comes in three parts, the same way gravity comes in three parts, there’s the thing itself, the way the thing works and the result of the thing working.

But with gravity, we don’t know what the thing is, we just know it’s a force. We know the way it works because we have it mathematically measured. We see the result of it working by simply placing objects and watching them stay in place. 

[0:09:37.0] Again, it’s an attractive force, it holds things in place. It bonds things together. There are other forces that do the same like strong and weak nuclear forces. Strong and weak nuclear forces are forces that attract, they are forces of love because they come from the universe, they only attract, they only hold things together.

Creation is another one, we know that there is the thing itself, creation. We don’t know what it is but we know it’s there. We know how it works, it’s through mind, our mind, our belief and our knowing is what we do to make it work. It’s how the creation works and then the result of it working is manifestation.

All the things that we have, all the things we experience, all the things in our life that we consider future because it comes from the present, all the things that we choose here now, come to us in the future, whether we’re conscious of it or not. That’s the big thing. A lot of times, people say, well, that’s not true, that’s all mystical, that’s all esoteric, right? It’s all spiritual garbage, right? We don’t know this.

We do know this. You are literally creating all the time and I’ll stand by that, I’ll stand by the scientific process of this because of the academy, because I’ve seen it, because I’ve seen it happen so many times, it’s observable, measurable and repeatable.

[0:10:50.0] We have this force in the universe, we know how it works and we see the result of it working. It’s so-so-so important that we learn to use this force, that we learn to engage with this force the same way we’ve learned to engage with gravity.

Think about all the amazing things that we’ve been able to do once we’ve learned about gravity. By learning about this force, by being able to measure it, we have seen explosions of architecture and innovation and technology because we have learned to apply the forces of gravity. We’ve learned to work with them, creation is the same. It is the most important thing to understand as human beings.

Now, the thought upload is a way to engage yourself for you to begin to practice, utilizing this force so that you can number one, see the result of it working and practice the process of how it works. The force itself, creation itself just like gravity itself is an unknown and it can stay an unknown, we don’t need to know what it is.

We don’t need to know what gravity is. All we need to know is, how it works and see the result of it working because that’s our human experience. All things will be revealed in time because all things exist now. That was last week’s podcast. I’m not going to go back into time with you guys but everything already exist right here and right now.

[0:12:11.0] All answers to the universe. All questions and answers exist right here and right now. We have access to all of them. Everything will be revealed, right? We know this, this is what the words of the master, everything will be revealed, there are no secrets because everything is revealed here and now, that’s what was meant by that is there’ sonly the present moment but what I want you guys to kind of understand in this episode is, number one, that the force of creation is a real force, it’s real, it’s there, it’s scientifically observable, measurable and repeatable.

I want to offer you the meditation that I use and that I teach my students so that you can begin to practice this. Practice utilizing and engaging with this force to prove to yourself, to see for yourself the power of creation. See it, to really experience it because once you experience it once, twice, three times. Then, you start to experience more quickly, right? 

You really learn the scale and really develop into scale and that’s when the remembrance begins, that’s when you start to remember who you are because as long as you are living in more of a victim mentality, as long as you’re living in a more detached mentality where you’re detached from the world, where you’re detached from the universe, where you and the universe are separate things.

Where there’s you and this cellular body and the rest of the world outside of you, which is a detachment perspective which is a detachment mindset, then you are never going to really know the truth, you’re not going to remember the truth that you and the universe are one, that you are the universe and the universe is you.

[0:13:36.8] The way you can begin to undo this, the way you can begin to heal from the amnesia, the way you can begin to let go and release yourself from the prison of forgetting is through utilizing, engaging with this process so that you can see for yourself, you can have your own experience, you can have your own evidence, you can have your own confirmation bias if that’s the word you want to use. 

The psychological term of confirmation bias to understand that this is happening. I mean, that’s what everything is, everything is a form of confirmation bias. You can begin to see it, utilize it and experience it to evolve and remember who you are. 

Okay brothers, here it is, here’s the process. Now, it begins, it’s a five step process and even before the first step, I like to go into my body so you sit in a comfortable place, right? Sit in a comfortable position.

I personally like to cross leg and I like to sit in a bit of a lotus position. I have a meditation pillow I use when I’m traveling, I just stack a couple of pillows up and I sit on those because I like to get a little rise in my hip so that I can have a comfortable spine, I get my spine in a vertical position, a very comfortable vertical position. 

Then I go into breathing. I start breathing, I start focusing your mind, take your consciousness away from the thoughts, move your consciousness from its incessant thinking, right? Its incessant sort of storytelling, its incessant conditioning and move it into your body.

[0:15:03.7] Begin to experience your vehicle. Experience your vehicle from the hips upward. Now, you can go into the legs and everything, you can do an entire body scan but I like to go from the hips upward and just kind of like move forward through the spine. Move forward through the spine, until I get to that place right in the center of my chest and from there, I really focus on expansion.

Because from that chest and you know, you may call this the heart chakra, you may call this the G center, you may call this a lot of different things. I like to just call it the center of the chest where the sternum is and I just expand it. I go in there and I feel a light, like a light coming from this area of my body that is there because again, it’s the consciousness, your body is a cellular vehicle. It’s a group of cells that are held together by love, right?

Again, just like everything else, we are held together by an energy, we’re held together by a force called love so our bodies are there in this cellular machine but it’s also everywhere, it’s everywhere at all times. Go into the body and experience the body right from the center and allow that sort of solar plexus, right?

Right in the center of your chest, right? Kind of at the nipple line but between the chest, right? It’s in front of your spine, above the stomach and it could be a little bony but there’s like the spot, and again, it’s the sternum. If you’re used to anatomy and physiology then it’s the sternum there and just kind of sit there and forces on that area.

[0:16:30.6] Allow it to expand, allow it to grow and shine and feel a light, feel a warmth and this is kind of the setup. The reason why this is the setup brothers is because that is the center, that’s the area that allows you to get in touch with the expansion. 

It allows you to get in touch with the truth, it allows you to get in touch with and become one with what you always are and could never not be. So I begin there by going into my body and expanding from my center. 

I feel warm, I begin to feel and in fact, there’s even a feeling of happiness that comes. A feeling of – you may even start to smile at this point and it doesn’t take long, maybe five minutes of just sitting and moving your consciousness through your body, up through your spine, into your chest and then feeling that light, feeling that warmth.

From there, we begin the five-part process. The five-part process begins with recognition. We recognize everything, we recognize all of creation, we recognize everything that exists everywhere. 

[0:17:32.6] Now, how you do this again is up to you. There’s lots of different ways to do this. I can’t really get too specific here, I get more specific in the academy and the tribe when we do this with my students but I want to begin just by telling you that there is a recognition, to recognize all of creation. You could start by recognizing what is there. 

You could recognize your body, recognize the room you’re in, the chair you are sitting on, recognize the house you’re in or the car depending on where you are, recognize the trees around you, the sounds, the birds, the environment, go ahead and expand, recognize the state, recognize the country, recognize the earth, recognize the solar system, the galaxy, the universe. 

But we start by recognizing and just letting your consciousness not in a way that it is thinking about these things but that it is experiencing these things and the difference here is that it’s not a cerebral process. It’s not, it is a cognitive process in that you are utilizing your cognition, you are utilizing your consciousness but it is not a cerebral process because it is not about thinking. 

You are not just creating sentences in your mind, you are engaging with the experience of what it is and that’s the mantra. If you decide to do a mantra with this, then for me what I do as a mantra is I repeat, “It is. It is. It is” because it is. That’s what it is. We don’t know what it is but we know it is and it is very fascinating. 

In fact, I had one of my shamans say that to me because I was repeating this, I was there in this moment of total experience, in this moment of being expanded through all of everything and I kept saying, “It is. It is. It is because it must be. It is because it must be” and so he came over because he heard me kind of in my vision, in my trace. 

[0:19:19.2] He came over and he said, “What is it? What is it?” and I just said, “It is. It is” and we kind of laughed about that because we don’t know what it is. We don’t know what it is, we just know that it is. It all is, it all is because it must be and that’s the recognition part brothers, to recognize that all of creation is, all of everything is there. 

Everything is always there at all times in all places. It is always happening, everything is always happening because there is always a movement. There is always a distance, there is always a field, a field of oneness, a field of creation and in that oneness there are objects floating through other objects floating through. 

There is no space, there is no void, the objects of mass are floating through objects of vibration because it always is, creation always is. So it is, it is, it is and we go through this recognition until there is a total experience of all that is. Now, the second step is unification because we want to go from recognition that creation exists, that there is this force. 

There is the universe and in the universe, there are many forces. There is a force of gravity, the force of electricity, there is the force of love, the strong weak nuclear forces that hold everything together and there’s the force of creation and so in that, we want to recognize it but at the same time, we want to unify with it. 

We want to begin our unification process because we are not separate from the universe. The universe is and we are the universe. It is us, so we move into unification. Now, we go from it is to I am because from here, we begin the process of creation. The “I AM” statement is the most powerful statement of creation. 

[0:21:07.6] It allows you, the you that is in spirit, the you that is everywhere to begin to unify, to unify with and create from the very thing that we all exist within and that is the field of all. The field of all, the field of love, the field of light, the field of everything. Everything, all things, so we begin to unify and with the unification, there is a bonding. 

There is a bonding between the recognition of what is and the I am, which is not separate from what is. So we are in that state of I am, we’re unifying, unifying, unifying and this process, this first and second part process, it can take 15 minutes, 20 minutes depending on how often you do it, maybe 10 minutes. 

You can get right into that state of trance. You know, some of it has to do with brain waves, right? Again, I am not going to go too deep into all of that because the process itself requires a lot more than a 20-minute podcast or in this case, maybe a 30-minute podcast but I do want you guys to know that there is a state of being that you begin to engage in. 

You will begin to slide into somewhat of a trance, somewhat of a meditative state where your brainwaves actually change and you begin to experience an expansion into everything where you lose, you lose a sense of boundary. You lose a sense of outline, you lose a sense of body. It could be synonymous with what people call out of body experiences. 

I’ve had many, many out of body experiences by doing this meditation, by doing this thought upload. So that’s where we kind of get to, we kind of get through recognition, unification and then we go into declaration and here is where the power comes from because in declaration it is a command. It is simply a command. 

[0:23:02.4] The same gravity works with our commands on actions, if I place my bed in my kitchen I am commanding gravity to hold my bed in place in my kitchen. You know, gravity doesn’t judge and say, “No, no, no the bed goes in the bedroom” and then starts to levitate it over in someplace else. 

Now, gravity doesn’t do that. Gravity obeys, gravity listens to our commands and it obeys our commands. It just does, it allows whatever it is that we choose in an action and then obeys that action. In this process of creation, the force of creation does the same thing but it does so with our thoughts, with our declaration of belief, with our declaration of desire.

So step three is declaration, we declare. We declare from a place of having happened. We declare from a place of it’s already occurred. So whatever you want to create, it doesn’t matter brothers. There is no judgment, I am not going to judge you and the universe is not going to judge you. You can create anything you want. 

You got to make sure you are not judging yourself because if you start judging yourself for what you want to create then there is going to be that judgment that comes through and also gets sent out into creation and then because of your confusion, what you create will also be very confused. 

So whatever it is you want to create, just make sure that you are making that declaration as if it’s already done, as if you are experiencing it already that you already have whatever it is that you are seeking to have and again brothers, I am not going to judge you. You could be anything. 

[0:24:36.9] I experience true love every day or I experience amazing relationships with my friends or I have a million dollars in my bank account or I own 1,500 units of real estate or I fly in my jet to Bahamas twice a year like whatever it is, I mean again, you get to decide what it is that you want to create in your life. 

It could be something external, right? It could be something of what I call wealth, the external form of wealth. It could be something around health of saying, “I have a perfectly healthy body.” I think I’ve already told you guys this on a previous podcast that one of our brothers in the academy who is now actually in the tribe has done these thought uploads. 

Through these thought uploads, he has, I don’t want to say undone because it is such a strange word that’s used, but he has basically healed himself from an autoimmune disorder just by saying, “I have a healthy body. I have a perfect cellular form. My cellular form is healthy, is free of any diseases, it is free of any illnesses.” 

“My body is perfect, my body is as clean and pure and healthy as my spirit” right? It’s like whatever it was he was declaring, he’s having that manifestation in his body. So the declaration is something that is number one, it is something that’s positive. You want to declare something positive. You don’t want to say, “I don’t have so and so, so and so.” 

Like, “I don’t have sickness in my body.” You say, “I have a healthy body” right? It is what you have. Number two, you want it to be in the present moment. It is not, “I want to have this” or “I will have this.” It is, “I do. I have it now. I experience it now” and number three brothers, make sure it’s for the common good. 

[0:26:32.7] I’m going to tell you that love is purely attractive. It is purely attractive, you will attract everything to you but it is also a higher power and because it is a higher power, it responds most readily, most assuredly, most powerfully to that which produces your greatest good and the greatest good for all of creation. 

Now, you could certainly use this tool for what I would consider to be the dark side but that doesn’t mean I am offering that sort of practice to you. What I want to offer as a practice to you is that even though the force of creation is impersonal and is neutral, there is also a component of it that it comes from that place of attracting powerful greatest good. 

The more we can begin to heal and go through our desire for sole evolution, the more we will experience that evolution externally. So just make the declaration, just say it out loud. You can say it out loud, you can say it to your mind, say it two, three, four times but this doesn’t take very long. It’s like you have to meditate on this. 

You just basically say it because as it is spoken, as it is said it is done as you believe it is done unto you, right? Because again, this comes from the master, the centurion space as you believe it is done unto you. You only have to say it once or twice, just like you only have to put something in place once and the gravity will hold it there. 

You don’t have to keep putting it there over and over, you just put it there and it’s there. Your declaration, you speak, you say, you think, you feel, you know and it’s there. So then we move onto part four. So we have recognition, unification, declaration, then we could move into gratitude. 

[0:28:14.3] Brothers, gratitude is the gateway. You’ve heard me say that I may do an entire podcast on it but here’s the thing, gratitude is the gateway. It is the gateway to the soul. The soul will always open the door, will always let you through, will always remember yourself when you feel gratitude.

When I say gateway, what I mean is you will also enable, you will also reveal to yourself all the other components, all the other attributes, all the other variations and derivatives of love. You will experience compassion and generosity and kindness and patience and tolerance and acceptance and love itself. 

So the gratitude is the gateway. So after declaration, it is a simple thank you. Thank you, thank you for having been done. It’s already occurred. It’s already happened because it’s all happened. Everything’s happened, everything that will ever happen has happened and is happening right now because that’s the time. 

Go back to the last podcast, that’s why last week and this week kind of go together because once you’re grateful for it having done you already know it’s happened and everything is happening in this moment, you can truly and honestly, you can be honest with yourself in knowing that yes, this has happened. 

It has happened, I am already experiencing whatever it was that I have asked for, that I have commanded from the force of creation because it has happened. Along with its opposite brother, that’s the other thing, everything has happened what you are asking for and the opposite has already happened. 

[0:29:42.6] So gratitude allows us to move more deeply into what we’re declaring because it’s a thank you. It’s a reception, it is a receiving, we receive it in the moment. We receive it and experience it with gratitude. How will you feel when this occurs, you will feel gratitude. You will feel amazing. It’s like, “Oh thank you. Thank you.” 

I would offer and again I’ll say I will do a podcast on this brothers, I would offer that you guys work on gratitude as a practice, not where you sit down every morning and write down five things you are grateful for. You can certainly do that. That may be a way to step into it, I know that that’s a practice offered, it’s like write down. 

You know, write down things, things, things, things but what I am offering you is a practice of feeling grateful for everything not specific things that you have because then you are separating from what you have from what you don’t have but just be grateful for everything because brothers, you have everything. 

So the next move is gratitude and in that gratitude, you’re basically saying it’s been done. “Thank you for this…” whatever my declaration was being done and then the last step, the fifth step is to release it. This is faith and I haven’t done a whole lot on faith. We do a lot on faith in the academy because it’s the recognition of the truth of the universe. 

Which is abundance and wealth but when we work on faith, it’s the release. It is the knowing that the state of being is enough. It is the recognition that the doing is neutral. It is the recognition that there isn’t a knowledge of the how or the when but there is only that recognition that it is. 

[0:31:17.9] You see brothers, we don’t know how your declaration will occur. We don’t know when your declaration will occur but we do know that it is occurring now at all times and that because of your declaration and gratitude, it will occur when it’s time when that creation, when that vibration has slowed down into a state where it is recognizable and existential. 

So it’s a release, we just release that declaration through gratitude into the field of oneness, into the universe, whatever you want to call it and again brothers, here’s the thing and I truly recognize here that I’ve kind of whipped through this five-step meditation process because I want you to know how to do it. 

Again, I am going to conclude the episode here on how to perform this meditative process that I teach my students to use but again, bear in mind that there is some instruction to this that I didn’t include due to number one, the necessity of individualization, to the necessity of how I teach that to you as an individual. 

But number two, just for the sake of time because it takes time to develop and practice and ask questions about and work on the process, work on the meditation itself. If you want to learn and develop this technique further, then now is the time. Brothers, now is the time to begin yourself remembrance journey and enroll in the academy. 

Again, I don’t know what you’re waiting for. There is nothing to wait for, there is no reason to hesitate. If this path calls to you, it is your soul seeking to remember itself. There is a, “I can feel it in the universe, I can feel a gathering” I can feel a gathering of souls seeking and in this gathering, you may be one of them. 

[0:33:06.0] If you are listening to this podcast, there’s a reason. There is a reason you are listening to this at this time and not doing something else like watching television or playing your apps on your phone, whatever they are video games or social media or dating apps. There is a reason why you’re listening to this podcast because this path calls to you. 

Your soul is seeking. Your mind may want to run some stories, your mind may want to tell you something like, “I’ll do it later” or “Now is not a good time” or “I don’t have the money” or “I don’t have the time” or “I’m just not sure” right? Confusion may be setting in there. Brothers, these are conditioned thought patterns that are only true if you choose them to be true and engage with them. 

When you do choose them to be true and engage with them, then you make them your reality through the same process that I just explained on this episode. What the thoughts that you choose are the thoughts that you are declaring through the force of creation to become a reality for you. 

This month, the month of May will be a series of podcast on relationships and it will be our focus in the academy. Take the momentous leap and begin your awakening, begin you remembering today. Until next week my brothers, elevate your alpha. 


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