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Benefit: Experience the process and result of manifestation, learn to coach another person through the Universal Truth methodology, organize external life as it represents the feedback of inner clarity, continued engagement in group coaching (the initial phase of leadership), completes the first trigram of spectatorship (being a student)

Learned/mastered: MANIFESTATION

  • – 8 1-on-1 calls (office hours/20 minutes, 8 weeks)
  • – Participate in 12 group coaching calls (be coached, 1/week = 12 weeks)
  • – Organization (October) Workbook – show work (pictures)
  • – Calendaring and honoring the calendar (90% efficiency)
  • – 30-day Goal (September) Workbook – choose, start, & accomplish
  • – ADD FOR ME: Videos on calendaring and goal manifestation
  • – ADD FOR ME: Videos on procrastination vs proactivation
  • – ADD FOR ME: Video: The Pause – staying present
  • – ADD FOR ME: October workbook information, ‘how to’
  • – ADD FOR ME: Video on the 45-minutes call format/structure
  • – Peer Coaching (coach peer, 45-minute call, coach shadow and approve)

Second Trigram (Leadership Training)

  • – Begin working with Kevin on leadership/guidance training, personal coaching (weekly group calls)
  • – Leadership Team – begin to develop relationships/trust for graduation
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