//Ep #15: Beta Condition Manifestation Part 3: Wealth

Ep #15: Beta Condition Manifestation Part 3: Wealth

What are your thoughts about wealth? Maybe you believe money is the best thing in the world. Maybe you think money is the root of all evil? Whatever you think, I bet it’s reflected in your bank balance.

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve discussed the manifestations that occur when we are stuck in the Beta condition around women and health. This week is the third and final look at beta condition manifestations, and that is on the subject of wealth.

Wealth means something different to all of us, but I’m talking about money, what you do to earn money, and all the material things it buys. Just like with the other topics, your relationship with wealth and your results when it comes to money all revolve around how you think about wealth. If you think money isn’t worth having, guess what – you won’t make any.

Join me on the podcast this week to discover how having an Alpha mindset when it comes to earning and spending money will change your life, and how the Beta gets into trouble, even if he has money, through making choices that revolve around scarcity.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • The truth about your relationships with people and things.
  • How to define your relationship with wealth.
  • Where the Beta condition around time can seep into your relationship with money.
  • Why Beta condition thoughts are subconscious and how to spot them.
  • How thinking of money as power creates some pretty questionable manifestations.
  • A perfect story of how your thoughts about money create the results in your bank balance.

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Welcome to The Alpha Male Coach Podcast, the only podcast that teaches men the cognitive mastery and alpha-mindset that it takes to become an influential and irresistible man of confidence. Here’s your host, certified life coach and international man of mystery, Kevin Aillaud.

What’s up, brothers. Welcome back to The Alpha Male Coach Podcast. And I am your host, Kevin Aillaud. Today, we are going to complete the three-part series on beta condition manifestations. Now, we did one on beta conditions with women, we did one with beta conditions with health. Today, we’re going to finish beta condition manifestation with wealth.

So, let me start be defining what I mean by wealth. Wealth is material possessions, so we’re talking about your houses, your cars, your boats, all the things that you have, all of your material possessions, the things you have, the items in your life, and money. Now, I like to add business when talking about wealth because business is the means by which wealth is created.

And when I say business, the definition I’m using is anything you do to create wealth. So it’s kind of like your job. It includes employment if you’re employed by someone. It means self-employment if you’re self-employed. It means business ownership if you use other people’s time to create wealth, like if you manage people, you own your own business. And it also means investments. So if you use your money or other people’s money to create more money, to create wealth, then that would include that in business.

So when I say wealth, what we’re going to talk about today is all the things in your life, the money that you have, and business and what you do to create wealth. Now, life is relationships. All of life, our lives, are just relationships. We are always in relation to something. You cannot live without being in relation to something.

By being alive and awake, by moving, I’m in relation. When I’m asleep, I’m in relation to the bed that I’m in. I get up and I’m in relation to my surroundings. I’m in relation to the toothbrush I use to brush my teeth. I’m in relation to the coffee that I’m drinking. We’re always in relation to things because relationship is our thoughts. Remember that. That’s one of the very first tenets of activating, of utilizing, of elevating your alpha is to know that we’re never in relationship with people or things; we’re only ever in relationships with our thoughts about people and things.

So the truth is, that our lives are thoughts. And this comes back to the Model. This comes back to the Model, the universal truth for how life works; our thoughts create emotions, our emotions drive our actions, and our actions determine our results. So, quite literally, the results we have in our lives, our life itself, comes from our thoughts, and then we are in relation to those things because those results will reaffirm our thinking. It’s like a circle.

Circumstances are neutral. They’re not really a part of this equation. Circumstances, other people, our past and the world around us, it’s not really a part of our equation. We create our lives based on how we think. So if you go back to the first podcast, the first part of this series, two podcasts ago, two episodes ago and we were talking about women, the beta condition as it relates to women.

Now, the beta condition is our thoughts, so really, what it is, it’s our relationship with women is our thoughts about women. It’s how we compare ourselves to other people and how we compare what women think about us to other people. It’s all cognitive. It’s all happening in our brain. That beta condition has to do with all of that.

This is what happens in our mind and it runs. So the beta condition is that comparison model and it drives fear. Two episodes ago, go back and check that out. Health, the last episode, same thing. We’re not in relationship with food or exercise. We’re in a relationship with our thoughts about food and our thoughts about exercise.

What do we make food mean to us? What do we make exercise mean to us, how other people view our relationship with food and with exercise? And again, this is why these beta manifestations with women is the bad boy, the nice guy, the perfectionist. It’s comparison, and that’s why our relationship with health, our beta manifestations with health is socialization, entertainment, the blame, the victimization. So the beta condition is the correlating of food to social bonding, entertainment, and so on.

Today, when we talk about wealth, I want you guys to understand that because it’s important that when we talk about money, money itself is a circumstance, guys. You go back to the Model, remember, the circumstances are neutral. Circumstances are things that are outside of our control, and circumstances are facts.

Money is just there. It just exists. It’s part of the world. It’s what we would say is the world – circumstances being people, the past, and part of the world. Money is just a part of the world. It’s just there. It just exists. It’s paper, it’s metal, it’s plastic, it’s number in a computer. And our business is the same.

What we do to create money, our actions, it’s just there. It’s all neutral. So for wealth, the beta condition is our thoughts about money, our thoughts about our possessions, and our thoughts about what we do to acquire money and our possessions. That’s our relationship with wealth.

So, the beta condition manifests – it starts with a thought and it manifests into a result in three ways. It’s time, power or status, and the intrinsic properties that we place around either money or our possessions themselves. So I’m going to start with time. The beta manifestation, or the beta condition – I’ll start with the condition.

Now, with the last couple episodes, I did all the conditions first and then we talked about the manifestations or the results at the end.  I’m going to do one right after the other on this. On this one, I’m going to do one right after the other so you can see how the thought literally becomes, through a process of direct causal relationship, your result.

The beta condition with time is your thoughts about money as it relates to time. So this would be things like thinking, time is money. You might have heard people say this. You might believe this yourself, time is money, or I need to sell my time in order to create money. If you’re an employee and you work by the hour or you work for an annual salary, it’s like you’re trading your time for this salary, for this hourly wage.

Another beta manifestation with time is I can’t make more money without more time. Money is hard to make because it requires time and we only have so much time. Time is a finite resource. It’s our most valuable resource. I need a college degree to make money. That has to do with the beta condition around time because you spend more time, you go to college, you go to get a degree in order to make more money, so it’s still a tradeoff of time.

All of these thoughts that come from the beta condition around time lead to the manifestation, results in your life, of working two, three, four jobs. The more I work, the more money I make, so you sell more time. I put more time out there. I work two jobs, I work three jobs. Sometimes it means punching the clock.

The result is you’re just punching the clock, you’re watching the clock, you go to work but you don’t really love your job. You’re just doing the job to make the money. It’s like if I sell my time here, I make money, and then I can use my time after work to do what I really want to do. So it’s like the result is you hate your job and you’re not doing what you love to do.

It can be sometimes wasting time at work. It’s like you go to your job and you just kind of sit around. You don’t do anything at work, you just kind of punch the clock, “Here I am, I’ve showed up. I have to sit here for an hour because an hour of my time is worth this much.”

And whether you’re salaried or whether you’re waged, that is the result of the thought that money is time. I’m giving my time in order to get this money, and then I use this money to get my items, my possessions. So the thoughts create the results. See how that works, guys? The thoughts create the results.

The next one is power – status. So if your beta condition, if the sentences in your brain are giving you thoughts like more money makes me a better person – the more money I have the better person I am, the more money I have, the higher status I am, the more I’m worth. Not net-worth. We’re not talking about net-worth because that’s a fact. We’re talking about worthy, like you’re a better person.

More money means I’m better than other people. You start to throw the comparison in there, like the idea of power. I have more power because I have more money. Or poor people, people who have less money than I do, are worse than me. That’s a comparison. Wealthy people, people that have more money than me are better than me.

So if you’ve ever been in a mindset, if you’ve ever looked at your brain, your brain has thought of homeless people, people with less money are less worthy and people that have more money, like CEOs of companies, Fortune 500 companies, the Bill Gates, the Jeff Bezos, these super rich celebrities, the professional athletes, these people are better because they have more money, that is the beta condition around money correlating to power and status.

It’s basically the thought that money is a reflection of worth. And again, I’m not saying net-worth. Net-worth is calculable, that’s a fact, you can look at that. But I’m talking about money as a reflection of your worthiness as a person.

The results – stay with me, those are the thoughts. That’s the condition. Those are the sentences in the brain; mostly unconscious. Most of the time, beta condition thoughts are unconscious because they come from those cells in the brain, those little peanut shaped group of cells that are feeding you beliefs, that are feeding you sentences.

But those sentences, that beta condition, manifests itself into results that would look like ripping people off, like super competitive. Not competitive in a way where it helps you be a better person, but competitive in a way where you’re trying to knock other people down so that you can achieve more, so you can have more.

It creates results where you start cutting corners at work. It’s like, I don’t want to do as good of a job, I don’t want to create a good product or service because I want to spend as little to make as much, to make more. So it’s not providing quality, it’s just providing as little as possible to get that result.

Sometimes, it can create a result of illegal activity, criminal business practices, get rich quick schemes. I want you guys to think of pyramid schemes. This is the result of thinking that money is power, that the more money I have, the better person I am. Because when you have that thought, when you are in that beta condition, you will do anything to create more power, to create more status. And so you’ll start to potentially cross the line.

And I don’t think any of my listeners – I don’t think any of you guys out there are criminals. I don’t think any of you guys out there are conducting illegal criminal business practices or doing anything illegal. But it’s one of the manifestations that come from the thought that money is power.

Sometimes it just leads to overspending in general, like you overspend to show this outward show of your status. Like, you may go into massive debt. Now again, there’s a difference between going into debt to provide service, to provide value to people, and going into debt to just create a false impression of your worth, create a false impression of who you want other people to think you are.

And it will lead to the result of judging people who have more or less than you. If you look at people who have more money than you and you judge them to be better than you, then how you behave around those people is going to be a reflection of the way you think about them. And the same way with the people who have less than you, how you behave around people who have less than you is going to be a reflection of how you think about them, because again, it’s always a matter of thoughts.

Relationships are thoughts about people. Your relationship with people who have more than you is going to be different than your relationship with people that have less than you because of the way you think about them.

Now, we’re going to talk about the alpha mindset and the alpha state next episode, but let me just very quickly say this before going onto the last beta condition; the alpha state is being the same in all situations, being your genuine self in all circumstances. So you’re not one way with one person and one way with another. That’s beta condition because you are looking and you’re comparing people differently.

It’s the same way with women, right? I’m looking at this woman and treating her this way. I’m looking at that woman and treating her this way. I’m with this person, I treat them that way. That is the thoughts of fear and comparison that we have running in our mind.

The last beta condition around wealth is ascribing an intrinsic property or a moral property to money and possessions itself. So the thoughts in the beta condition is money is evil, money makes people evil. Good people, spiritual people, people who are on the – I would say good, I guess good is enough – don’t have money. The less money you have, the better person you are.

Another one is wealthy people are greedy. These kinds of thoughts lead to a manifestation. Remember, those are beta conditioned thoughts. They’re not who you are. These are just sentences in your brain. And if they’re unconscious, you’re not aware of them, they will lead to a result of you being broke. If you believe money is evil and you don’t want to be an evil person, you’re not going to have any money.

If you believe that money makes people evil and you don’t want to be an evil person, you’re not going to have any money. If you believe that good people don’t have any money, you’re not going to have any money, bro. Like seriously, that is an unconscious beta condition, or conscious. Some people say that out loud. And their result is that they’re broke.

I’m going to tell you a story. And this is a true story. I saw this on Facebook. There was a group of people on Facebook that were trying to raise money for a free store. They wanted to open up a free store. And in this store, what they were going to do was they were just going to give away free items who, they called, marginalized. And again, marginalized people is a thought, so who knows that that means. It could mean 10 different things to 10 different people. But it was interesting because it said, in their post, “We’re collecting donations to open up a free store to fight capitalism and fight the evils of money.”

Now, what I found ironic about this was that they put in their post all those thoughts, capitalism is evil, money is evil. And what is their result? Their result is that they are so broke that they couldn’t, within the group of them, and there were about 15 of them standing there, they couldn’t, within the group of them, come up with $1000 to pay rent and provide the items that they needed for this store.

So they were on Facebook trying to raise $1000 because they thought money was evil. That’s how broke they were. 15 people. I mean, that’s less than $100 a person. Every person had less than $100 to give to this venture because of their thoughts about money. Their thought about money was that money was evil and so they’re broke and they need other people’s money to open up a free store so they can give free stuff away.

I found that very ironic, but also very truthful in terms of the universal truth of how your thoughts create your reality. Their thoughts around money is that money is evil, and their reality, their results, are that they’re broke. They don’t want to be evil people, so they’re completely broke.

Now, look guys, I’m going to finish this podcast here. I know that was a very quick run through because I wanted to leave the end of the podcast to say this. This is the end of the third part. And it’s a three-part series, so I’m going to finish it up here and next episode, we’re going to go into the alpha state on the women and health and wealth.

But I want to finish with this; you are not the beta condition. You are never the beta condition. The beta condition is the sentences in your brain. The beta condition is the thoughts that are usually unconscious that are happening in your mind. The brain is a survival tool. That’s why the brain formed. The brain formed to help the organism survive.  That’s what it’s there for. It is a survival tool. It keeps you alive.

It’s the control center. It pumps the blood, it works the lungs, it helps all the other cells function in terms of digestion, fight or flight, and it releases the hormones. It is the survival mechanism of the organism. And it does this, it keeps you alive, it provides a survival piece by solving problems. That’s what the brain does. It’s a problem-solving machine.

It will never see itself as a problem. It will never turn on itself. That is your job as the alpha, to see the problem, which is the thought, and to choose a thought that creates the result you want instead of just allowing the brain to run unconsciously.

So it will never see itself as a problem. It will look for a solution to a problem outside of itself. And it always looks outside of itself, and that is the beta condition. The beta condition itself is the problem, but it will look for a solution outside of itself. The beta condition is your brain running unsupervised.

It is your alpha’s job to supervise the beta condition. When your beta condition is in charge, your brain’s running unsupervised and it is given a problem, it looks for a solution. The solution to the beta condition is the beta condition manifestation.

So I’m going to go back and I’m going to give you guys an example here to finish up this episode.  And then I’m going to go back to the first part, where we were talking about the beta condition manifestation with women. You see a woman, that is your circumstance. There is a woman there.

That’s a fact. Everybody would agree to it. It’s neutral, you know. It’s out of your control. She’s there. Your brain wants to keep you safe. Remember, your brain is all about survival. So, it just wants to keep you safe. That’s all it wants to do. It wants to keep you safe and solve problems.

Now, you are already insecure because you’ve already turned your brain on yourself your entire life. This is where most of us are. Most of us have these feelings of insecurity, thoughts of insecurity, and these thoughts of doubt because we’ve been asking ourselves our whole lives, what is my problem? And the brain is just a problem-solving machine.

When you turn your brain on yourself, it’s going to find problems. That’s what it does. So it’s going to look for problems in order to solve problems. So most of us have been creating an insecurity our entire lives because we’ve been turning our brains on ourselves. What do I think about me – I have all these problems.

That’s the brain at work. That’s a healthy brain at work. That’s the good news; your brain is working. The bad news is it that it creates insecurity and doubt. Now, to keep you safe, to prevent you from being rejected or to prevent you from not being accepted, which is death to the brain – remember, it’s a matter of life and death to the organism if the organism is not a part of a group, if it’s alone in the hostile word, it means certain death, death from predators, death from elements, death from not having sustenance – the brain has to create a solution.

To keep you safe, it has to create a solution. So instead of finding a solution to the problem – and the solution to the problem is the thoughts of insecurity from the beta condition itself – the brain will create an action, which is a beta condition manifestation which it thinks will solve the problem. And now, we enter into one of the manifestations, into the bad boy, into the nice guy, into the perfectionist.

So if your action is to become the bad boy, then your solution, the beta condition solution is, I’m going to create comparison. I’m going to compare myself to be above her. And my actions are going to brag about myself, lie, or exaggerate about my accomplishments, to put her down or to bring myself up, give her backhanded compliments.

It’s that comparison. If it’s the nice guy, it’s the opposite. I’m going to over-compliment her. I’m going to put her on a pedestal. But that’s the solution that the brain has to the problem. It’s just a manifestation. You are neither the beta condition nor the manifestation. You are neither.

The illusion is that you are your thoughts and that you are a product of your behavior. Your results that you get in your life are a product of your action, but you are not your action. Your actions are your thoughts, and your thoughts are not you unless you are taking control of your thoughts from your elevated alpha state.

You are the alpha that is aware of and in control of the beta, okay. That is the alpha state; the higher brain, the deliberate choice. And learning how to elevate your alpha is a skill set. It’s like learning to swim. It’s like learning to dance. It takes effort, it takes consistency. But it is the real you.

The words in your head are not you. That’s your beta condition. That’s your brain protecting you. That’s your brain keeping you safe. That’s your brain looking for solutions to problems. The real you is the alpha state, where you take control of the sentences in your brain and act deliberately to create the results you want. And that’s what we’re going to talk about next week.

We’re going to talk about the alpha state next week. Guys, thank you for being with me on this episode. This is the third part of our three-part series of beta condition manifestations. If you have any questions for me on any of these, please, let me know. You can reach out to me at any time.

And check out next week. We’re going to go through all three of these components. We’re going to talk about women, we’re going to talk about health, and we’re going to talk about wealth again, but we’re going to talk about them from the perspective of the alpha state. And until then, unleash and elevate your alpha.

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