//Ep #45: How to Accomplish ANY Goal in 30 Days

Ep #45: How to Accomplish ANY Goal in 30 Days

Changing your life begins with changing your mind. I get a diversity of requests from all of you guys on a daily basis, and the reason why I am able to help you in ANY of those areas is that I am a causal coach: I work with your internal process, with your brain. So whether you want to develop in terms of your finances, relationships or health, I can guide you along a path that has helped many others achieve their goals.

In today’s episode, I give you a run-through of what you can expect from the Elevated Alpha Society program that I’m coaching during the month of September and it involves a step-by-step guide to accomplishing any goal in just 30 days.

We naturally tap into our alpha state to achieve this and the process that I’ll outline for you today involves writing down wants, choosing one to formulate into a goal, making a to-do list, identifying obstacles and strategies to overcome them, and using a calendar to direct your day-to-day activities.

Remember, brother, that your results and your life in its entirety come from your beliefs and your thoughts. When you know what you want, create a strategy and are intentional about sticking to the plan, you can literally begin to create the life you want in as little as 30 days!

Want to know more about what I do and how I can help you? Sign up for a free 45-minute session with me, and I’ll show you how this works!

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How my coaching is going to help you transform your life.
  • Changing a want into a measurable goal.
  • Establishing the day-to-day actions you should take.
  • Why you need to identify obstacles beforehand.
  • Empowering yourself through strategies to overcome obstacles.
  • How a 30-day calendar helps you stay on track and sets you free! 
  • Why the power to change always begins and ends with you.

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[0:00:09.6] ANNOUNCER: Welcome to The Alpha Male Coach podcast. The only podcast that teaches men the cognitive mastery and alpha mindset that it takes to become an influential and irresistible man of confidence. Here is your host, certified life coach and international man of mystery, Kevin Aillaud.


[0:00:32.5] KA: What’s up my brothers. Welcome back to the alpha male coach podcast. I’m your host Kevin Aillaud. Today we’re going to talk about how to manifest your 30-day goal and before I get into teaching you that process, I want to talk to you guys about the Elevated Alpha Society because it’s open for enrolment and you can get involved now. We’re going to do this; we’re going to manifest goals in the month of September in the Elevated Alpha Society. During that month, I’ll coach you through it.

Teaching you today in this podcast is breaking complex things down into smaller understandable more simple chunks whereas coaching you is providing a process for a path and then guiding you and giving you feedback while you’re on that path. It’s a lot of back and forth sort of try this, try that. In the Elevated Alpha Society, that’s what we’re doing today. I’m going to talk more about that at the end of the podcast.

The reason why I bring that up is because as The Alpha Male Coach, you know, I get a lot of different types of students. Here’s the deal guys. I’m a causal coach, right? I’m not a symptom or behavior coach. I work with the brain and that’s why I don’t have to niche down that way other life coaches might have to do.

It doesn’t matter if you guys have relationship goals or health goals or wealth goals, none of that matters. I’ve coached guys through it all because it isn’t about changing some external part of your life. It’s about changing an internal part of your life which will alter all the external parts of your life, right?

[0:02:13.4] KA: That’s the idea behind causal coaching and that’s why it’s more of a confidence. It’s working with the brain, working with cognition to create emotion. It’s about how you think and how you feel to get the results that you want and when I use the term alpha male, I think a lot of people come to me with the search for alpha male because they’re struggling with relationships or assertiveness or confidence and they find this podcast and it becomes something that they really didn’t expect.

You guys know that this is not like a typical alpha male methodology, right? It’s not about this sort of wolf pack or lion pride kind of dominant or scarcity based idea behind the alpha male. You guys know that my concept of alpha male is you. Your cognition, your true self, and whatever you want to call that, whether you call that your intention or your consciousness or your – the observer of your thoughts.

The watcher of your mind, that is your alpha. When you learn the skillset of how to utilize that so that you can master the thoughts, you can master the beta condition, right? The words in your head, then it really doesn’t matter what your external struggle is. When I talk about being an alpha male. Really, what I mean is, that cognitive mastery, that emotional ownership, it means creating the life you want.

It means, having a mind, having a dream, having a want, a desire and manifesting it, making it your reality. That is the walking, that’s walking the alpha male. Okay? Because learning the alpha male is learning the process of that cognition. This month in September, in the Elevated Alpha Society.

[0:04:03.0] KA: That’s what we’re going to do, we’re really going to sleet of and kick off with this is what it’s all about, it’s all about creating a goal, and then manifesting it into your reality. I’m going to do 30 days because it’s for the month. Now, like I said, I don‘t have to niche down because I’m a causal coach so some examples of a 30 day goal may be to lose weight, right? Or to stop buffering. This would be a health goal.

I talked about losing weight, I’ve talked about exercising, talked about buffering a lot in health episode podcasts, it may be a wealth goal. Remember guys, wealth has to do with giving your value, providing value to the world, showing up as your best self in a way that you are valuable to people. That could be starting a podcast, right? Starting a blog, starting a website, it could be writing a book, right?

It could be starting a business of any kind, just creating your value and sharing that. It could be a relationship, it could be improving your relationships that you have with your family, with your significant other, it could be starting new relationships, finding more friends, maybe finding that person that you do want to share more of your time within that significant other in that romantic role.

Whatever it is that you want to create in 30 days, whatever you want to manifest in 30 days. I have the process for your because it is a cognitive emotional process, right? It’s how you manage your mind and own your feelings in order to drive the actions that are going to serve your results.

[0:05:36.9] KA: Now, actions and results, that’s behavior and goal. That’s manifestation, but it all starts with your mind. Brought it all with your cognition. In today’s episode, I’m just going to teach you exactly what we are going to do in the Elevated Alpha Society during the month of September.

If you want to be coached through this process, then I’ll tell you how you can learn more about that at the end of the podcast. Let’s get into this episode.


[0:06:06.3] KA: Brother, step number one is to make a list of 25 things you want.  Now, I’ve talked about this before on previous episodes but let me just briefly mention a couple of different things about this. Number one, these goals, this will be goals or they can easily be turned into goals. What you want to think about is the difference between a want and a goal.

You can write down 25 wants and it can be anything, right? They can just be anything you want, really get into going crazy, right? Brainstorming, get as big as you can. Dream big, dare to dream big. I mean, that’s part of this world as an alpha is really knowing that you can accomplish anything as long as you can think it.

As long as you can put it in your mind, you can create it, right? Dare to dream big. But once you have your 25 goals, or once you have your 25 wants, we’re going to put them into goals, okay? The difference between a want and a goal would be, I want a Range Rover, okay? That’s a want, I might list that as one of my 25 wants. I want a Range Rover.

The goal then, my goal is to own a Range Rover by November 29th 2019. Okay? I want you guys to see the difference there. The goal has two things that the want does not – the first is a measurable time domain and the second is, verification, evidence, proof, right? What you’re going to do is you’re going to go through these 25 wants, go through them and see which one you can make into a 30-day goal.

I just want you to choose one. Just choose one because this is the test, right? This is how you begin the process. When you start learning how to write the alphabet, you know, you’re not going to turn around and write a novel the next day, you’re just going to work on the A and then the B and then the C. With this goal, it should be an attainable goal that you can create in 30 days. Something that you don’t have now that you will have in 30 days and it’s only choose one, right?

[0:08:16.3] KA: Once you get good at this, you can experiment, you can start with two, you can start doing two goals at the same time or these can be more ambitious but I guess for now, just choose something that’s attainable and just choose one. What we’re going to do is we’re going to turn this want into a goal by using the sentence: “By blank, I will have completed and created blank and I will know I’m done because of blank.”

I’m going to give you my sentence. Here’s what I’m going to do for the month of September, right? If you guys want to follow me through this, I’m going to tell you can get involved here by September 30th 2019, I will have completed and created my first book and I will know I’m done because I will have written all of it out and have it submitted to an editor for proofing, okay?

That’s how I know. Now, here’s the thing guys, I have a measure of time domain in there, right? I have the end date by this time. Now, I have my goal in there, a complete and created, right? I’m going to write a book but when I’m done, I’ll know because it will no longer be in my possession, it will be submitted. I will have submitted it to the editor. That is how I know. If I do not have it submitted, I will know it is not committed.

Now, this is where you commit. Once you make your goal, then you commit and this is where we really get to work. That was step number one. Come up with a goal, 30-day goal. Now we’re going to go look at the model and what we want to do is look at this model, putting your goal in the R line, right? That uses your intentional model, this is your alpha model, this is your future model, this is what you’re go ing to create, put that in your R line and what are we going to put in the A line?

What do we need to do, what do you need to do to manifest this result? Now, here’s the thing with the A line. You’re going to make a list; it’s called a to do list. You’re going to make this list of to do’s but they’re only going to be actions. Just the actions that you have to take. Action guys is force times distance over time.

Okay? It’s moving things around, it might be learning new things as well, taking the time to learn a new skillset. It might be paying someone to do some work for you, right? Because you don’t want, you don’t have or want to use the time to learn to do it yourself. That might be something that you do, that’s an action.

[0:10:48.9] KA: Finding someone to do it and paying them to do it, those are actions but it’s not how you’re going to feel or think about getting this result. Okay? Because that comes up the model. That’s further up, these are just to do’s, just what physically, what actions do you need to take to get this result.

Really go crazy, really brainstorm with this list because the more you can put on this list, the less you will be surprised later if anything comes up. If any surprises pop up. Things that you didn’t know that you had to do. Now, if you’re doing something for the first time, if you’re doing something you’ve never done before, then there may be things that pop up that you were unaware of and that’s okay.

That’s totally fine, that’s going to happen. You can prepare for that as well. But, what you want to do is really spend some time and think about all the things that you could do or want to do or need to do to fulfill this result. Really get this list, really try to get as many to do out as you can. Because what you’re doing is, you’re utilizing your alpha state.

You’re being creative, you know, you have the desire for this result and you’re being creative with your mind to say what do I need to do? How can I get this done? By asking your brain this from the alpha state, your beta condition will work for you when you’re utilizing your alpha, when you’re in your alpha state.

[0:12:08.7] KA: Ask it, get as many – get as creative as possible get as many of this possible actions as you can. Now, what you want to do from here, step number three, once you have this to do list, is to look for obstacles that will come up. Because here’s what happens, guys, and you know this is going to happen.

When you start to work on the goal, you’re going to come up with an excuse to procrastinate, right? You’re going to come up with an excuse to buffer and we’re going to come to that later on. Those may be some obstacles. But though obstacles that I’m talking about in the to do list is anything between now and 30 days from now that you know are going to get in the way of your actions.

All right? Specifically, your actions. For example, my goal is to write a book in 30 days. If I know that during the month of September, I’m going to be traveling, I’m going to have an entire day where I’m driving or I’m going to have an entire day where I’m in an airport or committing to doing a public speaking event or a seminar somewhere and I won’t’ be able to write during that day or may be difficult to find time to write during that day on my calendar. That would be an obstacle, that’s where I would say, okay, this day, if I’m planning to do a daily write for this book or daily recording for this book, then how will I get this day’s work taken care of during these days that I am travelling or otherwise engaged in speaking.

That’s the obstacle, right? We have the obstacles because we know that’s going to come up, we know that we can kind of see what our September’s going to look like, what our next 30 days are going to look like? What are the physical obstacles that are going to come in to our to do list? Because once we have those obstacles, once we can see those obstacles, we can foreshadow ahead of time, then we can come up with the strategies against them, right? It’s kind of like chess, what we’re doing is we’re playing chess, right guys?

We’re playing chess with ourselves so we say okay, this is what I want to do, all the things I have to do and need to do to get my result and these are the obstacles, this is life, this is what will happen, life’s going to come in and do some stuff, right? Things and stuff.

In order for me to strategize these obstacles around these obstacles, I want to prepare, it’s the alpha preparation. Just taking that next chess level, that next chess step. That’s not it, right? We’ve got a pretty good set here that we’re doing pretty good, we got our to do list, we’ve got our obstacles to that list and we’ve got our strategies to overcome those obstacles.

[0:14:49.0] KA: But now we want to do is we want to take out a 30-day calendar and it needs to be physical, it’s got to be either digital or paper but it’s got to be something that you can see, not in your brain, a real calendar. You want to start plugging in all of your to do’s. You got to make sure that they’re all in there. Now, I’m going to tell you guys this and I’m not going to go into it too deeply on this podcast episode because I want to talk to you guys about some other things in this episode.

But in the coaching that we go through this month, I’m going to be very clear that when you guys calendar your time. Your time is just like your money, right? You got to pay yourself first, give yourself time first, build the relationship with yourself as the strongest relationship you have by making sure that when you put your calendar together, you are putting time aside for you first.

Then, start putting in everything else, start putting in work, start putting in other responsibilities and start putting in when you’re going to execute your to do list, to get to your goal. Now, once you’ve got the calendar setup and the calendar’s all in. Now we go and we look at the mind management, this is where the cognition.

This is where the mind management and the cognitive mastery development kicks in. Because what we’re doing here essentially brother is from our alpha state, we’re creating a life, we’re creating the next 30 days, we’re saying, this is how we’re going to live for the next 30 days.

[0:16:28.6] KA: Kind of like having a relationship with our self that future self that self from 30 days from now is traveling back in time and saying look, in order for you to become me, right? In order for the you of today to become the you of 30 days from now, this is what you have to do, this is your calendar, right?

You’ve created this, you’ve made this happen in your mind and now you’ve put it out here in the world. The only thing that separates you between the you of today and the you of 30 days is what you see on this calendar. Is all these actions. Because actions are math, remember that brother, actions are math, force times distance over time.

For you to create this result, all you need to do are these actions. Now, that’s easier said than done, right? Because if that were so easy, everybody would do it then that’s the point, that’s the idea behind cognitive mastery because when you begin, when you start the next day shows up and you’re looking at your calendar, it may be okay for you for two, three, four, five days right?

But eventually, that beta condition’s going to act up. It happens every single time. That beta condition’s going to resist and you know what it’s resisting? It’s resisting the moment, it’s resisting the now, it’s saying, I don’t’ want to be here, I don’t want to do this, I want to do something else. I don’t want to do what’s on this calendar.

I want to go do something else. Now, that may be procrastinate, right? Not doing what you intend to do. Maybe go into procrastinate. It may be going to buffer, it may be as simple as I’m going to take a walk to the refrigerator, open the door and grab a snack. But that’s buffering bro. Look, if it’s not on our food protocol, if you’re eating off your food protocol, then you’re buffering. If it doesn’t say go get a snack on your calendar, if you don’t plan for that, then you’re buffering, because it’s not in your calendar, it’s not on your food protocol.

[0:18:24.2] KA: It’s your brain saying I don’t like what’s happening now, I feel uncomfortable in this moment, I’m bored, I’m sad and I’m frustrated, I’m irritated and I need some dopamine, I’m going to unconsciously drag my cellular bag, my carbon machine to the refrigerator and dope myself with pleasure because I don’t want to be here, I don’t want to do this.

Okay, that’s what buffering is and that’s what a trip to the refrigerator is, that’s all the trip to the refrigerator is, don’t kid yourself by thinking you’re hungry because you’re not, we all have plenty of stored energy on our bodies, okay? It’s just buffering, it’s just resisting the moment but that’s what the calendar is for, you stay on the calendar, your alpha state created that calendar, that is the future you, that is what you want to accomplish. In order for you to get that result, in order for you to become.

In order for you to manifest what it is you set out to manifest, to create what you didn’t have before. You know that you are going to stick to that calendar, that is your task, that is your mission. That is your goal, that is the alpha goal. It comes to mind management and emotional ownership, when the beta condition acts up and starts to cry like a little baby and says, I don’t want to do it. I don’t want to be here, right? I don’t want to be on this calendar.

I don’t want to be writing this blog post, right? I don’t want to be working on this relationship, I don’t want to be going to the gym or you know, not eating this sugar or whatever it is that you’re trying to remove from buffering. That is your alpha running the show.

[0:20:00.8] KA: Predetermining how you want to be and then giving you the path to be there. Now, again, that is how you do it, right? The process of this 30-day goal is to set it up, I was just walking through it very quickly, to recap. Choose a goal, right? You can start with wants, I like to start with wants. Write down 25 of them because brainstorm, I go crazy bro, like really go nuts. Brainstorm, write down 25 wants, choose one and put it into a measurable goal, measurable both in time and in creation and in manifestation.

Fill in the sentence, by what time which would be 30 days. I will have completed and created what is the want and I will know I’m done because of what is the measurable way I can know this, right? Then you commit to it and once you have that then it’s about committing.

You commit by really getting into your, to do’s. What do I got to do to get this done, really go nuts because who is talking? I said it before, I’ll say it again, it is your future self. You are basically pulling from the future, all the things and stuff you got to do to make into a reality. It is dreaming, right? It is imagination. It is innovation, it is creation that is why you are here. That is the alpha state. So you go into creation and you start to write down this to-do list, then you do obstacles, then you do strategies, then you calendar it, right? And once you got on your calendar that now becomes your life.

Now here is the thing, there will be people that resist that. People will say, “Really? To live in my alpha state, I have to live on this calendar. That feels really restrictive. I don’t feel free. I feel like I can’t, I don’t have any more choice. I don’t have any more ability to choose” and the truth bro is that when you try it, just the opposite happens. Just the opposite happens. When you go on your calendar, you actually become free.

You become free from the constant wavering going on in your brain, from the beta condition that is creating an indecisiveness in your mind about what to do now about what to do next, about what happens, about where am I going, about where are my goals and what’s going to happen in my future because it is right in front of you. Instead you got it all there, you just follow the path. It is like reading a book, right? You don’t pick up a book and say, “Which page do I start on?” Right?

Do I start on page number 32 or page 64 or page 57? I mean where do I begin with this book? It’s like no, you pick it up and you start at the beginning, right? And that is exactly what your calendar does for you. You wake up in the morning and you start right there. It is right there in front of you, you just get to follow it and when you follow it, you’re free because you are following you. You are following the choices that you made from your alpha state.

[0:22:58.0] You are following your future self and that is the move, right? That is the freedom, that is the liberation and what you’re also going to find is that you free up a lot of time. You free up a lot of time because what you stopped doing is procrastinating and buffering, which is a waste of time, when you know what you are going to do, you just do it and you execute and you stay focused because it is on your calendar.

If it is not on your calendar, you don’t do it. If procrastination and buffering is not going to be on your calendar, right? If procrastinating and buffering is on your calendar then you really ought to join the Elevate Alpha Society because it is something we ought to talk about. I mean you don’t want to out these things on your calendar. What you want to put on your calendar are things that are going to get you to your result, you fee me, brother?

So I would say, unless your things are on your calendar you are not going to do them. You are not going to procrastinate; you are not going to buffer. Now of course, that’s where the management of the mind comes in. That is where we start looking at that mindset and that’s where the coaching comes in. So I am going to finish. That is what I got for you guys today. That is the teaching on how to create, how to manifest a goal in 30 days.

And if you want coaching on this, if you have a goal or even if you want to help creating a goal and then coaching and community on how to bring it into your reality, there is nothing you can’t have. I mean it is so crazy to think but it is the truth. You know it used to be, you can do anything you can dream of, right? You can do anything you set your mind to and that vague abstract thought is really true, an absolute fact. Your results, your life, all come from your beliefs.

They all come from your thoughts and when you know what you want, you intend it and you plan it ahead of time and then just follow your plan, you can literally create your life in as little as 30 days. You can watch it change, brothers.

[0:24:52.2] So go to the alphamalecoach.com right there in the front it is going to be easy to see. Click on Elevated Alpha Society, read all about it and join, get involved. Join the tribe, let’s create something in your life now. It is a month-to-month program so you could cancel anytime and for 198 bucks you can have a goal in 30 days and you will have the skill to do it again and again and again. You can literally manifest 12 new things.

You can create 12 new things in your life every year just by learning this skillset, just by being in the Elevated Alpha Society for one month. It is amazing, brother. I am excited and I am excited to see you there. So that’s what I got for you today. Until next week, my friend, my brother, elevate your alpha.


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