Ep #222: The Impossible Goal 2023

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Over the course of my life, I have had many different job titles. I have been a student and an athlete, a soldier and a teammate. I have been a bodyguard, fitness instructor, business owner, cognitive mastery coach, and spiritual guide, but none of that is what I’m here to do, brothers.

You see, your occupation, your identity, your purpose, and what you are here to do are distinctly different facets of who you are. While I maintain that it is important to remain in the now, to stay in the moment as we talk about the Impossible Goal and move forward into 2023, I’m going to suggest that we break for a moment from the now and contemplate the future.

When determining your Impossible Goal for 2023, my brothers, you first have to learn how to confront the challenge that is presented by the low vibrational energy of complexity, embrace it, and transmute it into simplicity. You cannot ignore or resist this vibration! It is the key to your gift of wisdom and it is specific to you.

Join me as I guide you through the process of self-realization and inner freedom through the attainment of your Impossible Goal, and help you make the shift from struggle to wisdom, from shadow to gift, and from low vibration to high vibration.

To learn more about discovering your unique energetic blueprint, unlocking your unique gifts, and walking the alpha path, make sure to tune in today!

What Youll Learn from This Episode:

  • How to differentiate between your occupation, your purpose, and what you’re here to do.
  • The unique energetic gifts that you have to offer and how to unlock them.
  • Why it is critical that you embrace the challenges along your spiritual path.
  • Important considerations as you work to attain your Impossible Goal.
  • An invitation to contemplate the highest service your life can offer to the whole.
  • Why personal ambition without a higher vision of service is essentially a form of corruption.

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[0:00:09.6] ANNOUNCER: Welcome to The Alpha Male Coach Podcast, the only podcast that teaches men the cognitive mastery and alpha mindset that it takes to become an influential and irresistible man of confidence. Here’s your host, certified life coach, and international man of mystery, Kevin Aillaud.


[0:00:32.4] KA: What’s up, my brothers? Welcome back to The Alpha Male Coach Podcast. I am your host, Kevin Aillaud, and we are starting 2023 this week. I know, I know we’re still in 2022 and I want to tell you that the most important thing always is to be in the now, to stay in the moment.

This is always the path, this is the only path because everything else is an illusion and I want to talk to you about the work we do in the Academy for the month of December. So I want to take it to a new level of contemplation. Brothers today, we are going to talk about what you’re here to do.

Now, this isn’t your purpose, right? This isn’t who you’re here to be. That is something entirely different. What you’re here to do also has nothing to do with your occupation, it’s nothing to do with your career. You see, what we do through an identity also has nothing to do with what you’re here to do.

So we have three distinct facets here and I don’t want to confuse you. I want you to understand, you have three or maybe four distinct facets. Number one, there’s your career, right? There’s the identity. Number two, there’s what you’re here to do and that’s what we’re going to talk about today.

[0:01:36.1] And then there’s who you’re here to be, which is your state of being, but there’s also your purpose, which is distinct from who you’re here to be because you’re simply existing. That’s simply existing. Over the course of my life, I have had many occupations, many job titles.

You know, I’ve been a student and an athlete. I’ve been a soldier and a team mate. I have been a bodyguard, I’ve worked in security, I’ve been personal trainer, I’ve been a fitness coach and I’ve been a fitness consultant and I’ve been a fitness instructor at one of the highest levels of one of the greatest fitness companies in the world.

I’ve run several of my own businesses so you could also give me the title of business owner, you know, I’ve been a coach, a cognitive mastery coach, a confidence coach, and now, a spiritual guide and none of that is what I’m here to do. What I’m here to do is transmute complexity into quintessence through simplicity in my own life and, by living, both as a physical and energetic example, I help others transmute their lives from complexity into simplicity.

This is what I’m here to do at the most essential level and so when we talk about the Impossible Goal and we move into 2023, I’m going to offer that we break for a moment from the now and we contemplate the future. When determining your work, what you’re here to do for 2023, I’m going to offer something unique on this podcast episode.

[0:02:58.8] Because until you really have an idea of what you’re here to do, until you have a very clear idea of what it means for you, you haven’t really begun the journey and it’s something we all want to know, I think. I believe that is the quintessential question.

If you haven’t asked yourself the questions, “Why are we here on earth? What is our purpose? What am I meant to be doing in this space?” Then, I would offer that you really haven’t begun to live yet. Brothers, I’ve spent my life learning systems. I learned systems in order to make life more simple and drive down to the very essence of what it’s all about. I’ve learned all kinds of complex systems and I take these complex systems and I make them more simple, right?

I’m talking about spiral dynamics, human design, gene keys, science of mind, astrology, Tantra and the kundalini, the I Ching, quantum physics and the universal truth. That’s just to name a few off the top of my head and my role has always been to distill the best from each of these systems in order to pass that on its most simplest form and the quintessence of it all is that everything is energy.

Everything is love, everything is pure consciousness, that’s all there really is, brother. Energy, love, and consciousness. When you really surrender to that, when you really live into it, all fear drops away, you become fearless because what is there to be afraid of?

[0:04:24.5] Everything is a hologram, everything is a mirror of itself, everything is you, looking back at you. Now, you have an energetic blueprint, just like you have a physical fingerprint that is unique to you and only you, you have an energetic blueprint as well. You have a spiritual blueprint that is directly linked to your DNA and it is through the following of your energetic blueprint that you will unlock the gifts that are held in your physical body, in your DNA.

This will change your life at all levels. You’ll think differently, you will feel differently, you will project your energy, your aura differently. You will behave differently and you will attract other beings and other energies differently and this is a part of the reason we are here. It’s a part of the process of remembering who you are. It’s a process of waking up, it’s a process of getting out of the matrix, which I’ve talked extensively about on this podcast.

When it comes to your doing, right? You’re doing this, what you’re here to do, really what we’re talking about is something very specific to you because, you see, you have come into this world, into this realm, this physical realm with a certain thing to do. Generally speaking, we are all here to do the same thing, right? Very generally speaking, we’re here to transmute low vibrational energies into high vibrational energies, both individually and collectively.

[0:05:41.8] When we do this individually, we begin to automatically and invisibly do this in the collective, which is when the magic of life really starts to happen because that’s when life starts to feel more effortless, abundant and joyful.

However, you have a unique, a very unique low vibrational energy that you are here to transmute into high vibrational energy and we all do this, with all energies, and each of us brings into this world with us a unique gift that comes out of a shadow, a unique high vibration that comes out of a low vibration.

I’ll give you an example of my own life. I have the shadow of complexity. My low vibration of what I’m here to do is complexity, when I’m in my low vibration, I make things more complicated. That is my energetic blue blueprint for what I’m here to do.

The shadow of the low vibrational energy that I am here to transmute within myself and the universe, I’m transmuting complexity. As I do this in myself, I’m able to do this in others. It is the energy of survival, the energy that I carry when I’m thinking inwardly, right? I’m complex, when I’m thinking inwardly or I’m thinking about myself, when I’m in my victim mentality or my beta condition.

[0:06:49.3] The high vibrational gift that comes out of complexity is simplicity and the higher vibrational energy of simplicity, the enlightened state of simplicity is quintessence. I learned this through the studies of systems and I really, really learned about these words, I’ve studied these words, I’ve looked these words up, I’ve meditated on this words, I know what they mean inside me at such a deep level.

These words have layers to them, brothers. They’re both individual and they’re collective. So when it comes to what I’m here to do, I’ve learned that my shadow of complexity when it’s harnessed, it can lead me to become a man who guides others out of their complexity about what they’re here to do, but first, I have to harness that shadow.

I had to go deep into the vibrational energy, that low vibrational energy of complexity, and really understand it, really experience it through emotional ownership, through allowing, accepting and surrendering to it within me. I’ve had to accept it, embrace it and transform it into a creative force to help others, to help you and that is what I do know in my life’s work so to speak.

It is what I’m here to do and you have the same quest, yet, with a different vibration. You have your own energetic blueprint. I will help you discover this blueprint and guide you through unlocking your unique gifts. That is the process of walking the alpha path.

That’s the process of living the spiritual life. Brothers, the pain, the suffering, what do we want to call it now? What do we want to call it? Emotional discomfort? I mean, what is it? What are you really suffering from? It’s always the vibration, right? It’s always an emotion.

[0:08:23.8] Loneliness, boredom, doubt, worry, shame, guilt, anxiety, what is it? Your mind may tell you it’s from a lack of money or a lack of connection or some other circumstance but we all know that it’s really just a vibration, just an emotion.

And that vibration inside you is there so that you eventually learn from it and then you help others get out of their pain because it’s transformed inside you. Once it’s transformed inside you, you help others by transmuting it inside of them. Doesn’t that make perfect sense?

Everything difficult in our lives is there to become a gift to help others. We come up into obstacles. We face obstacles in our lives, to overcome those obstacles, to teach others how to overcome those obstacles and I think that’s a beautiful truth about our life on this planet. Every low vibration contains a high vibration.

Every pain contains a gift and you have to be creative in dealing with your shadows. Let’s call them shadows, right? These low vibrations, that’s what I’ve learned from the G and Key system, right? In human design, we call them not self-energies, we can call them not self-energies, right?

[0:09:30.0] In spiral dynamics, we call them closed VMIM, so we could call them that as well but let’s call them shadows for now, I think that’s the easiest to conceptualize, the shadow, the low vibration. When you come to the Academy to begin your personal quest, we can use whatever name you want. For this podcast, I’m just going to refer to them as shadows or low vibrations but you have to be creative with these shadow energies.

We want to experience these vibrations. We don’t resist them, we don’t ignore them, we don’t avoid them or let them control us in reaction, right? That’s all the beta stuff, that’s all the avoidance. We, as spiritual walkers and walking the spiritual path, as spiritual beings, we want to understand them because this is how the gift works in terms of science, right?

I want to tell you guys, in terms of science, in terms of physics, the gift that takes the potential energy that’s locked in the shadow vibration and it turns it into kinetic energy, it turns it into creative energy, this powerfully penetrating energy. So when you receive your energetic blueprint, when you enroll in the Academy, I want to offer that you pay special attention to the shadow, to that low vibration because it’s the front door.

It’s the door, to the key into the gift of wisdom for you and it’s specific to you. It’s unique to you and ironically but not surprisingly, it’s one that’s right for you. The one that’s right for you is usually the place that you feel the least attracted to, right?

[0:10:53.2] And there’s a good reason for that because it must begin with a challenge, it must begin with difficulty. It begins with difficulty of some form and I love that about the spiritual path because it challenges you from the outset. You know what kind of challenge you’re dealing with and you’re getting into it right away.

It’s the challenge of ascending the mountain. If you remember last week, it’s not easy but it’s honest. It’s not a new age system that tells you how marvelous you are. Well, it is. I got to take that back, it is, it does tell you how marvelous you are, how perfect you are but it also shows you that the path to that is not necessarily easy.

It can’t be easy; what’s easy isn’t always worthwhile. I’m not trying to scare you away from the path. If anything, on the contrary brothers, my goal is to help awaken anyone who wants to remember who they are. I want to pull everyone out of the Matrix if the time is right for you to come out and remember who you are.

But this path does have its failsafe challenge. You’re going to need a certain level of commitment and you know, most people have deep issues with commitment. I’ve said this before. Are you the 1% that can get through the first step of simply saying yes, I am ready to start my quest?

Or are you in the 99% who are overcome by their initial confusion and then they turn away to look for something else that might be easier, that might seem easier? I mean, just go do something easy. I’m going to do an entire podcast episode on commitment this month because it directly relates to this concept as well as the Impossible Goal. So I’m going to stop with commitment on that.

[0:12:24.5] But what you’re here to do is to transform, to transmute the shadow of your doing into the gift of your doing. That’s it and that’s not just an insight, it’s not just a thought, brother. It’s an experience. Just own up to that inside yourself. It can be a huge relief, it’s the most important work there is for you. It’s the divine work, it’s the divine path.

That is the basis of your Impossible Goal at the spiritual level. It’s not about what your role is here, it’s not about your job, it’s not about your career. This isn’t a career profile, okay? I’m not a career coach, all right? I’m not a career coach. I’m a spiritual coach, this is a genetic and a spiritual profile. It’s about genius, it’s about your genius and did you think that this might come just from your hearing it on the podcast?

Now, I’m sorry it doesn’t work like that. There is work to be done, a path to be walked, a mountain to be ascended through transformation. It’s inside us, it’s hidden in your DNA. You have to unravel it, you have to begin the hero’s journey, the spiritual quest. It isn’t a passive adventure by any means.

And so if you’re here listening to this podcast, I’d like to welcome you into the Academy, welcome you to your spiritual quest. You found something, brother. And maybe, something you’ve been looking for, for a very, very long time and even though at the beginning may be challenging, it’s still simple; difficulty and simplicity.

The method is simple but the inside feeling, that’s what’s difficult. It feels uncomfortable. Every low vibration feels uncomfortable, every shadow, right? That’s its hallmark but that discomfort is a mark of its treasure and this is holy ground. This shadow of your doing in your energetic blueprint, this is holy ground, this is divine work.

[0:14:15.5] So approach it with caution. No, no, no, no, don’t approach it with caution. Approach it with humility. There’s really nothing to fear in this work. It’s life affirming, it’s ground-breaking, it’s elevating. It just asks your commitment in the beginning, just enough to move through your natural your natural process of awakening.

So whatever you’re feeling, use that energy. It’s 100% correct and stay with it and continue in your contemplation of it, your allowing of it and sooner or later, it will change into something else. It will transmute into the high vibration, it will transmute into the gift. I want to talk about the gift, I want to talk about the higher vibration.

This is the point of the Impossible Goal, this is the outcome of the Impossible Goal. The power and the gift and the power of the gift is its wisdom. The wisdom is light. I’ve talked about light before and our doing this has one single aim, it’s a target, it’s both our inheritance and our goal. It’s light. Light.

Wisdom is light in action. So what you’re here to do is to put the light inside you to work in the world, right? To let the light inside you shine upon the world. What you’re here to do is the outer expression of your inner light. It’s the proof reader.

[0:15:34.4] But it’s something relatively easy to contemplate because it’s about action, right? It’s about doing. It’s about activity, it’s about work, it’s about behavior. So ask yourself, when or what is it that you’re doing with your days on this earth? What are you doing with your time?

How are you using your time? Is wisdom expressing itself through your life or struggle in survival expressing itself through your life? Or is struggle and survival expressing itself? How are you going to make the shift from struggle to wisdom, from shadow to gift, from low vibration to high vibration? These are good areas to begin any meditation.

Now, you may be asking, “What is my unique energetic blueprint, how do I find this?” Well brothers, I give it to you when you enroll in the Academy and I get it from a number of different systems. You know like I say, human design, gene keys, astrology, quantum physics, the codons of your DNA and the I Ching, there’s so many systems.

So it’s not as simple as here it is, right? When it comes to this specific energetic transmutation, it’s taken from the exact position of the sun in relation to the earth when you were born. It’s like your sun sign in astrology, which you may be aware of already. Most of us are aware of our astrological signs, right? Like Taurus or Virgo or Leo, right?

[0:16:50.5] But instead of 12, which one for each month, there’s 64, one for each of the hexagrams in the I Ching and then those 64 again are subdivided in the sixes due to the arc of the gravitational curves and each line of the hexagram.

So we have 384 basic archetypes and when you consider all the different expressions of humanity, 384 doesn’t sound like it provides a lot of variety but it really does, brother, because these are simply the expressions of our wisdom, of our vibrations.

Now, here’s the wild part, and this isn’t just cosmological, right? This is rooted in science as well because yes, there are 64 hexagrams in the I Ching, that are broken into again, six lines because each hexagram has six lines in it and that’s all, you know, it’s philosophical or spiritual and this is related to the position of the sun in relation of the earth when you were born.

[0:17:39.5] However, there are also – this is wild, right? There are also 64 codons in your DNA and each of these codons is built out of three base pairs, which makes six. So we see the 64 and the six. Again, we see the 64 in I Ching, we see the 64 in human design, we see the 64 in the cosmos and we see the 64 in our DNA, in our genetics.

We see this universal pattern here, it’s so wild, as above so below. As in the heavens, so here on earth. As in the spiritual plane, so in the physical plane. Brothers, the moment you’re born corresponds with a pattern not just in the heavens but a pattern in time and space because the universe is holographic.

The moment of your birth is an archetypical moment and it can be decoded through the science of correspondence through a simple system of correspondences where everything relates to everything else and at the quantum level according to quantum physics that’s true. Everything is entangled with everything else.

Everything has a relationship, everything is a part of everything else, everything is everything. For example as I mentioned it earlier, I have a 23rd hexagram with a fifth line and that contains coded information about what I’m here to do in my life and I’ve told you, brothers, I told you the 23rd hexagram is a gift of simplicity.

[0:19:05.5] I’m here to make the complex simple. That’s what I’m doing, I’m transmuting that vibration and the fifth line is about fixing. So here I am on this podcast sharing the fruits of my simple journey with all of you in order for you to optimize simplicity into your own experience and of course, the real fixing so to speak happens with guidance.

Guidance is how I provide my ability to fix or to change the way people behave, which is the definition of fixing in this sense and that it is not a fixing as if you’re broken. That’s not what it means by fixing, it means to change your behavior, to transmute your behavior from complexity to simplicity and look, this is just the surface brothers.

This is just the beginning. As you go deeper into this personal quest, it reveals deeper layers of insight and it begins to speak from inside you. That’s where it comes from, it’s within you. Now, what does all of this have to do with the Impossible Goal? Well remember, this particular blueprint is about the sun.

It’s the masculine solar energy expressing itself through your life. Now, think about the sun; the sun is pure philanthropy. It doesn’t take, it doesn’t know about taking. It only knows how to give. The sun is constantly giving and I believe that that gives us a clue into the true nature of what we are here to do.

[0:20:26.7] It’s in service to the whole. We’re each here to find a way to give of our light unconditionally and the more we give the more light we emanate and that is something for you to consider in your Impossible Goal work. This is really important, this is what your gifts are all about. Your gifts are magnetic.

As you give, the light that you are giving, it travels out into the mystery of space and it attracts certain other frequencies of alike nature. This is the law of attraction, so when you unlock your gift having accepted your shadows, then you find your life moving through an amazing period of expansion and this is the breakthrough that you will experience as you walk the spiritual path.

You expand, you just begin to expand. Brothers, you don’t get better, okay? There is no better, you are already amazing. You’re already perfect, you just expand and you remember who you are. You know, the human aura is a transmitter of light and it contains a broad range of high frequency signals that are invisible.

These signatures of light they are invisible, they emanate from the coded information in our DNA but they depend on us. They depend on your attitude, the frequency of your attitude. So if you react to life as a victim, you greatly limit the light frequencies that you are emanating and so you reinforce the victim behavior and it continues around you.

[0:21:57.3] On the flip side, when you respond with openness, with innocence, with love, then you activate a much greater spectrum of frequencies in your DNA and those invisible forces leave your aura and they stir up counterforces in the outer world and people respond differently to you.

So look, all I have to do here, me, is share my love and I’ll energetically transform your life from complexity to simplicity because that’s my gift and that’s the line of my gift, to change the behavior of others. When I just love, when I just love, when I just pour love out of my heart, that’s what happens.

Energetically and invisibly, I am transmuting complexities and simplicity and the gift is always activated through love. It’s the same with you, what is the quality that you’re here to activate in others through love. That’s the gift of what you’re here to do. It’s not really about you at all. It’s not about you at all brother, it’s about others.

So you’re here to unlock that gift in everyone else. I’m here to unlock your simplicity and the quintessence within you. Isn’t that a beautiful way to look at what you are here to do? Isn’t that a beautiful place to begin considering your Impossible Goal for 2023? It’s not usually the way we look at it though, right?

[0:23:13.9] It is not usually where we begin. We usually begin by thinking, “Well, what’s in it for me? What’s my wisdom? Who am I here to be? How awesome am I? What can I achieve? What can I have in this life? How much money, how much status, how much fame can I create?”

I want to offer that instead, I invite each of you to open with the question, “What can I do for others? What is the greatest service possible that I can bring into the world?” and begin your consideration from there and you’ll discover a secret. That secret is that it feels really good to contemplate your life from an unselfish angle.

It triggers all the right hormones. You know, it will improve every aspect of your life. It will improve your health, your prosperity, your relationships, everything. It is all about how you begin. That’s the power of the gift and that’s the best way to begin the spiritual path and the Impossible Goal work.

Now, I also want to talk about the fire of creativity and how to deepen this gift because the other aspect of the sun is it’s fire, right? It’s light and it’s fire so it provides warmth. Fire has this different quality than light, right? It’s fiercer, it’s more energizing, it’s initiating, it’s exciting. So I’d like you to get really excited about what you’re here to do.

[0:24:25.9] I want you to get real excited about the Impossible Goal. Can you create a paragraph about yourself out of what you’re here to do? I mean, you may need to know what hexagram and line we’re talking about personally for you, which you will receive at the beginning of your journey in the Academy.

It’s a good exercise to consider a simple paragraph that makes you feel excited about your life and yourself and I recommend this exercise for all beginning students, whether we’re in December or not. Take the shadow energy for example. Remember, mine is complexity as an example, mine is complexity.

Now, whatever yours is, imagine yourself transforming it, transcending it and then imagine all the creative energy you’ll release through that. It is a big shift in your attitude and it will change your fortunes, it will change your relationships, it will change your health. Brothers, I’m a guide. So students often ask me to interpret their hexagram for them.

I am always giving guidance. You know, I always give guidance while encouraging my students to read into their own heart. You have to go into your own heart. I encourage students to use their own intuition and use their own creative imagination because no one knows your life like you and no one knows your dreams like you.

[0:25:38.6] This is a part of the universal truth. I never tell people how it is, I only offer them guidance into what is already known within them. What is your creative fire? Take the words for your gift and conjure a lifetime out of them. Begin with the Impossible Goal for 2023, really stretch your imagination about what you’re capable of.

That’s what this knowledge, this wisdom asks. Brother, you’re a genius, okay? What might that look like? Where is your wisdom? Are you a genius at listening? Are you a genius at helping others find their way? Are you a genius for helping people open their hearts, opening their minds or for freeing blocked energy in the body in business or are you a genius in a whole bunch of different things?

Every blueprint is pack full of clues. You just have to realize that this wisdom is a living transmission and you already know what you’re here to do. You already know how you can be of the utmost service, so let this knowledge be a catalyst for you to re-envision your life at a higher level that you’ve ever allowed yourself to go before.

Get wild, the wilder, the better and the further you allow yourself to stretch in seeing what you are capable of, the more creative fire you’ll bring into the world. Every gift has this explosion of creative energy waiting to be of service to the whole. Allow your mindfulness of what you’re here to do to really deepen that gift in your life and kindle the fire of your own enthusiasm.

[0:27:10.8] That’s the secret, to kindle your own fire. Brothers, every year on your birthday, the sun returns to the place where it was when you were born and it imprints you deeply with the light of the wisdom that you were born with. So, your birthday is really import. It is really, really important for this reason alone, right?

Whatever other reason you’ve been told, that’s why your birthday is important and it is something to meditate on, this kind of radiance on your birthday each year and especially your very highest possibility. That highest potential of your gift because your gifts will move into a higher vibration and provide you with stepping stones to a higher more luminous kind of life.

There are three levels, right? There are three. I told you mine are complexity, simplicity, and quintessence, right? So the shadow is the low vibration of survival. The gift is the high vibration of service and then there is another higher vibration that comes from the gift, which is surrender. Quintessence is the essence of the essence of the essence of the essence of the essence of a thing.

It is the fractal of the thing, it is the purest form of whatever it is. What is it, whatever it is, it is the purest form of that. It is the most simple form of simplicity. This is your pathway to greatness, the higher vibrations of your gifts. So that’s a good question when approaching your Impossible Goal or what you are here to do.

[0:28:37.2] What does it mean to fulfill what you’re here to do? What does it mean to live a life of greatness? You know, we humans in our modern society, we have a lot of distortion around what it means to be great. To quote a very great man, a great man said, “Greatness has style, while career is merely a success.”

“Greatness is a question of play, a career is a question of showmanship, and the key difference between the two is that greatness is without a mirror. It doesn’t beautify itself, there’s no vanity in it. A career depends on the application of success techniques, of learned skills, regardless of the absence of talent.”

“Therefore, it is wrong to say that career is a form of low grade greatness. One can only say that career is humbug,” is what a great man said. So greatness is a question of play, it has nothing to do with what anyone else things. It has nothing to do with technique or talent or skill. In other words, personal ambition without a higher vision of service is essentially a form of corruption.

It robs the world. Now, please consider this and I know that this is a concept maybe too advanced for many people in the modern world but it is nonetheless the truth. For example, you can see that ambition must become aspiration. That’s the shadow, right? The shadow is ambition and the gift is aspiration.

[0:30:03.8] It becomes this wonderful notion of the aspiration of breath, right? The collective breath to aspire to greatness. You have to breathe in the question of your service and then of course, the highest vibration is what’s essential. You carry your life into a whole another plane. A whole other plane, a whole higher version, a whole higher paradigm.

So what you’re really here to do is to answer this single question, “What is the highest service that my life can offer to the whole?” and the hexagram of the gate that denotes the position of the sun at the moment of your birth will give you that vision and the highest vibration will show you that vision and it will show you how to overcome the challenge, which is the low vibration, which is the shadow.

It will show you the actual work you have to do in the gift and finally, it gives you the vision of your becoming. You know, this is what your life is to become. It’s to become this high vibration. That’s what you’re evolving towards, that high vibration. Brothers, the sun draws it energy from its service, it has a vacuum of endless energy within it that allows it perpetually give until it dies, like all stars do eventually die, and we are the same.

Human beings are exactly the same, we have a vacuum of energy inside us that will sustain us in our service, in our giving until we die. Love begets love. Just beginning the spiritual path with this question of your service, it’s going to change your life. I guarantee you, just begin it. It’s the masculine path, it’s the solar path.

[0:31:43.8] As you dive into your inner being and unlock all these treasures inside, the one vision of what you are here to do can sustain your whole quest. If you hold that steadily through your life, it’s going to be enough. It is going to be enough energy forever, so please don’t pass over it too quickly.

Cherish what you are here to do, bring that vibration into your heart, really let its energy soak into the skin of your daily life and understand it. Let it shimmer in your relationships. Think endlessly about it, meditate on your vibrations, wonder how you can bring that highest vibration into the lives of those around you and do all of that in secret inside yourself.

Because remember, this is not showmanship. This is virtue, this is gold. Gold is the symbol of the sun’s rays and the path is an interior path that magically appears in your outer life as you travel each step of the journey and I’m curious, I wonder how many people really know what I am talking about.

I’ll tell you what it is, I’ll tell you what I’m talking about. For me, it’s a form of white magic, it’s a form of alchemy. It’s like a modern extension of the gospels in the Bible. It comes directly from the words of the Upanishads. It is the path of our Juna in the Gita and I am not trying to inflate it all, this is the gift that has been given to humanity over a millennia.

[0:33:22.4] Over many millennia, it’s been gifted to each of us. It’s a revelation, it’s a transmission, it’s a system of the highest white magic, of the highest alchemy, of the highest spiritual transmutation and it may seem difficult at the beginning but as you apply these insights to everyday life, they begin to transmute the lead of your suffering into the gold of peace and freedom.

It’s a wonderful feeling and it happens all on its own through grace and all the high vibrations are an aspect of grace, just as all the low vibrations contain a shadow of fear. So please, treat the wisdom with respect, the respect it deserves and walk your spiritual path with reverence and with patience and with love.

And that’s what I have for you today. I’ll see you next week, brothers, and always elevate your alpha.


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