Ep #161: Manifesting & Magnetizing Money

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Today we are going to be doing a breakdown of the truth of abundance, and how your relationship to money is like your relationship to everything: solely dependent on your relationship to yourself! Brothers, this episode is for anyone who might have been struggling financially and can help you find the real cause of this, and we will be doing a quick deep dive on the process of manifestation, that you are not going to want to miss!

You know that in all areas of our life, suffering is caused by misalignment, and it is the same with our finances. The way we think and act in relation to money is built into our energy mechanics, and no matter what stage of your money journey you are on, it is only up to you how you move forward. I have known what it is like to have nothing left, and also to make millions, and the only thing that can differentiate these circumstances is your consciousness around abundance and the constructed thoughts that are attached to this.

So join me with this episode, brothers, as we unpack the illusion of scarcity, how to avoid this trick of the mind, how our energy frequencies play out in our bank account, and much more. In order to really get on top of this part of your life, it is vital to calibrate your inner truth, and this means accessing what real abundance means. I will be taking through the actionable, four-step process of magnetizing and manifesting money, looking at knowing what you want, believing you can have it, taking guided action, and changing your emotional charge. To hear it all, listen in with me today!

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What Youll Learn from This Episode:

  • The truth about money and abundance. 
  • What money can teach us during our lifetime.
  • Liberation from the scarcity mindset.  
  • Why the value is who you are, not what you do. 
  • The four-step process of manifest and magnetize money.

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[0:00:04.6] KA: What’s up, my brothers? Welcome back to The Alpha Male Coach Podcast. I am your host, Kevin Aillaud and that was Michael Winslow and Steve Guttenberg from the original Police Academy movie made in 1984 and I am in Ecuador, I’m actually in Quito, Ecuador. I’m going to be down here in Ecuador for I guess, about five weeks before heading into Peru and the main purpose of my journey here in Ecuador is to spend some time in the Andean Cloud Forest in the Amazon Rainforest.

As you may know brothers, you may not know but as you may know, I feel the most at home in the jungle, I feel the most at home in the jungle surrounded by life. I have been to jungles all over the world. I’ve been to the Khao Sok jungle in Thailand, it’s a rainforest in Thailand. I’ve been to the Ta Prohm, that houses Angkor Wat, which is in Siem Reap, Cambodia. I’ve been to Vietnam as well and of course, you guys know that I’ve been to the jungles of the Yucatan where the Mayan civilization flourished and where I am buying land.

The deeper I move into understanding the heart of nature, the more drawn I feel towards the constant vibration of living organisms. All things vibrate, brothers, all things have energy, all things have spirit, even inanimate objects have an energy or spirit that brings them into form. However, it’s the flora and the fauna I surround myself with and the more I do that, the more I’m able to see and feel and hear the truth. All right my friends. Let’s talk about money. It’s been a long time since I mentioned money to you guys.

[0:01:35.5] I’ve been doing a lot of conceptual and practical work with you guys regarding self-discovery, cognitive mastery and even more recently, energy mechanics. Not only is it money month in the academy, which every October, the 1.0 curriculum tackles money as a circumstance and the 1.0 students take a deep dive into how to bring money to neutral in order to reveal the truth of abundance. 

I also want to offer this episode to those of you who might be struggling financially so that you can begin to observe the causes of your monetary lows and brother, I promise you, it has nothing to do with the pandemic or anything else that is happening in the world for that matter. Because let’s be honest, if COVID wasn’t to blame, it would just be something else, right?

That may be offensive to you, you might have an emotional reaction to that. I am going to say something here that I will explain later in the podcast but that might be a little abrasive, it might be a little jarring. Brother, your current financial situation has nothing to do with the pandemic or the government’s response of the pandemic regardless of what country you’re living in. Money is a neutral construct.

Our relationship with it including the quality and quantity of it that we have in our lives is due to how well we align ourselves with who we are. Money is abundant, as are all things. A simple way to determine if you are living according to your correct energy mechanical nature is to look at your relationship with money, look at your relationship with other people, and look at your relationship with the world in general. Because all of these is a reflection of your relationship with yourself.

[0:03:16.0] We are so conditioned to seeking cause and effect in the realm of form that it becomes automatic, it becomes unconscious to correlate to unrelated effects into some kind of erroneous cognition because of that, I am experiencing this. Because of the pandemic, I am experiencing financial hardship. Of course, my philosophy is that nothing external creates, nothing external is a cause. There is nothing in the world that is a cause of anything else in the world. Everything in this realm of matter and density is an affect of the causal invisible realm of vibration, mind and energy.

Then, what is money? Last year, I did a series on money that gave you some insight into the concept of money, the circumstance of money and even the way I relate to money. I told you guys how I behave with money, how I think about it and budget money and today, I’m going to go further and discuss how money is related to energy mechanics which is the mechanical nature of your alpha state and what you can begin to do if you want to align yourself with greater financial wealth.

Money is manifested. Brothers, money is the result of manifestation. Manifestation is a mutative process. Humans don’t manifest plants. We didn’t manifest the sun and we don’t manifest the clouds or the rain. These are circumstances. Now, a car or a plane or a hundred-dollar, US dollar note is a circumstance, these are also circumstanced.

[0:04:53.3] KA: However, these are manifestations of the human mind, they come from us living in alignment with our true self. A harmony between the nature of our alpha state and the nurture of our beta condition. Look, nothing new can ever be invented if we live in a homogenized way. If we’re all living through the conditioning of our beta condition, we are homogenized and there would be no cars, there would be no planes, there would be no television sets.

Brothers, there would be no iPhone. The iPhone would never have been invented if Steve Jobs had lived through a homogenized mental construct. He would have just done what everybody else was doing. If Carl Benz have lived through his conditioning, we would all still be riding horses and trains. Do you understand that?

When we live through our conditioning in a homogenized way, we just go along with the status quo, that’s all we do, we simply act out a life that others have determined for us. There’s nothing new, there is always a repetition of what our little human brains consider to be common sense. Steve Jobs would have kept doing what Bill Gates was doing and we would just have more of the same, we would just have more of the same IBM, just with a different name on it, right? It wouldn’t be IBM, it would be Apple but it would be the same.

[0:06:03.4] The reason is because our conditioning only allows us to see what is already there. We try to be someone else because we want to have what they have, we want to have what they have, we want to have their fame or their intelligence or their wealth or their lifestyle or whatever.

So many humans are living through their not self-nurturing. It’s like this, I’ll give you an analogy brothers, it’s like being a cat that was raised by dogs, you understand? You think like a dog, you feel like a dog, you act like a dog and you suffer because you aren’t a dog. The only way you’re going to bring your uniqueness of who you are into this world of form is by being a cat.

You will never do that as long as you think you are a dog. To run this analogy to its fullest, each one of us is a unique energy being and the cause of our suffering is the conditioning to all be the same. The cause of any financial hardship is not the economy, it is the cat living the life of a dog. It is a misalignment with the truth, it is a lack of self-knowledge.

Check this out, I’m going to put it very succinctly. If you want to have more money, then you need to align yourself with your correct energy mechanics because this is your nature and set your intention using your mind to keep a constant vibration of abundance around wealth. Now, the academy 1.0 curriculum focuses on the latter, while the academy 2.0 curriculum focuses on the former. As I said before, money is an example of manifesting, you create your finances. Some of us struggle with money and it isn’t because we are screwed up in the head or because we’re broke or because we’re in debt.

[0:07:41.4] The truth is, some of you had it built in to your energy mechanics to learn about money during your time in human form. Some of you are here to learn about money because it is teaching you something about consciousness. It’s teaching you what you need to learn about support and sufficiency and sometimes, not having money can be a catalyst for pushing you into your alpha state.

You guys know my story, right? I’ve created a lot of wealth, I’ve built multiple businesses and in multiple countries. I’ve paid employees that have families, I’ve literally have been able to sustain families with revenue. I’ve grossed millions over the course of my lifetime, I’ve owned real estate and land and I’ve given hundreds of thousands of dollars to charities. You know what brothers? I’ve also been broke, I’ve also been six figures in debt on credit cards, homeless living out of my car, homeless living out of a back room of my friend’s house. I’ve lived in the woods for a year, I lived in a Buddhist temple with nothing but the clothes on my back.

I’ve gotten into situations where I literally didn’t know how I was going to pay for food or rent and in those places, in my life, when I had my credit cards tapped out, my rent was two months late, the refrigerator was empty and I had less than $10 in my bank account when I had no idea what I was going to do, right? I had no idea. Those were the moments that the lights came on. 

[0:09:01.0] As if something flashed inside me and I knew what came next. When you have nothing left, you realize the folly of it all and then, from despair comes a release, a feeling of freedom. It is through freedom that we recognized the truth. I guess, this is what is referred to as hitting rock bottom. Brothers, I have been there financially, several times in my life. Now, I know I will never be there again however, because, I finally learned the lesson, the universe continued to offered me the lesson until I learned it and now that I have, I teach it.

Brothers, the biggest place of challenge when it comes to money is your conditioning, I know you’ve heard me say this before, of course, from an energy mechanic’s perspective, this means that it’s the conditioning that creates the intention.The mechanical nature of your energy is perfect. The problem comes form who you are not, this is the conditioning of who you think you should be. This conditioning drives us into intending to create something that is actually not aligned with who we are.

Now, the beauty of this is that the alpha state knows when this is happening and so what usually occurs is that while the beta condition is telling you a story about who you think you should be, you will fail to manifest what you’re trying to create because what you’re trying to create is something that is not good or healthy or wise or in alignment with who you are because the true self, your alpha state is your perfect energy mechanics.

[0:10:34.8] Sometimes when people are stuck or blocked in their financial goals, it’s because they think they want what they’ve been conditioned to want and not what they actually want. This is the danger of homogenization. The first move is to decondition yourself from all the beliefs that you are not. All the beliefs that are not you so that you can determine for yourself what you really want.

If you don’t know what you really want, which is probably nine out of 10 humans, my friend. Because of conditioning or because of confusion or because you know what you want but you won’t admit to yourself because you’re embarrassed or ashamed or afraid that it’s never going to happen that you’re never going to get it.

Look brother, if you don’t know what you want, all you have to do is follow your unique energy mechanics. Align yourself with your alpha state and it will just show up in your life. Here’s the deal, brother, when you make decisions about money or when you make decisions about anything in your life, for that matter. From your mind, you’re making your choices through conditioning, mistake and motivations, fear and scarcity consciousness.

When you do this, your alpha state, the energy within you that is operating mechanically, like a machine will block what you are attempting to manifest through the decisions made with your mind. The move we will make here is to build awareness, work on deconditioning, practice making intentions that are aligned with your alpha state and develop an abundance consciousness.

[0:12:02.5] This is the process of elevating your alpha to make new choices, not from your mind that align with your inner truth and unfold for you the life you are meant to live. Okay, lets get back to money and I want to start with the question of, what is abundance or what is abundance consciousness? Abundance is a thought construct that we will have to revisit individually and collectively in order to move the notion from thought to form and we will have to do this if we are going to stay sustainable and thrive in the world. If we are going to realize abundance in the world of form, our species must reach a collective belief at over 62%.

This is the critical turn that turns individual stories into global stories. This is true of many things. This has happened many times, take time and money. Money is an idea, it’s a mental construct just like abundance. It has value because we as a species give it value through story.

If 62% of the world’s population decided that paper money has no value and a cryptocurrency did, then we would reach that critical turn and we would all move to cryptocurrency. 

[0:13:13.0] If you don’t think that would happen brother, I got to tell you it’s already happened several times. The most recent time is coming off of the gold standard. Right now, humans see lack and scarcity, so that is what exists. This is the illusion, abundance is all around us. Abundance is foreign to the mind because the mind seeks what it isn’t and therefore only knows what it lacks. You want to know what abundance is, I’m going to tell you what abundance is because I am just going to give this to you. I want you to practice this. Abundance means you are always doing it right. You’re always growing and changing. Even the quote mistakes that your mind makes up, you’re not actually making mistakes. 

All of the things that you call mistakes in your mind along the way, they’re just you growing and teaching yourself what is correct for you and what is in alignment with who you are. Brothers, we are designed to be abundant, do you understand that? It is in our mechanical nature. It is in our energy mechanics and it is in the energy of the universe. 

There is no lack or scarcity in the universe and there is no lack or scarcity in your mechanical energy. Scarcity and lack are functions of the mind only. Abundance is an emotional frequency. It is a vibration. It is a vibration that attracts. Now, when I say emotional frequency, I’m not talking about emotional drama. I am not talking about what you see on TV when humans react to their feelings with no awareness and with no detachment. Now, that is of course a quality of an emotional frequency. But that is a reactive beta state. True abundance or sufficiency is something that we create in our lives when we hold the energetic expectation that we will be provided for and brothers, this is faith. 

[0:14:59.1] I’m going to say that again, we hold the energetic expectation that we will be provided for. It is this faith that says, “I have enough food. I have enough water. I am enough. I have everything I need to fulfill my destiny. I have everything I need to fulfill my purpose. I am supported and I stay in an expectation that I am supported. I don’t know how I am supported. I don’t know when I am supported but I am supported.” 

It’s in that holding of frequency of energy, that vibration of feeling in our body when we hold that frequency of energy, it actually moved through the nervous system and into manifestation. I’m not going to go so much into the science of that or the physics of that but this frequency of energy, this expectation that I am supported that I have everything I need to fulfill my purpose, this frequency of energy calibrates your inner truth and allows you to attract into your life everything you need to embody that’s sufficiency. 

Do you understand that brother? Do you really understand what I’ve said? I’m going to say it again, you are abundant based on how you hold frequencies of consciousness not based on how much work you do. When people come to me and want to create more money, they first thing they want to know is what should they do because they think that it is in the doing that they will generate the income and the doing is always secondary to the frequency of abundance that they hold. 

If you associate your value with what you do rather than who you are, it is going to mess up your money situation and if it doesn’t mess up your money situation blood, it is going to mess up your relationships, your health, your purpose, your inner fulfillment or something else in your life because brothers, not a single one of you is a human doing. Each of you is a human being. You’re doing is neutral and it is an effect. 

[0:16:57.3] It is your inner being, your energy mechanics that is the cause. Two humans can do the same thing. They can take the same action and it will be the vibration or emotional frequency that they hold that determines the outcome of that neutral action because what you are doing is a function of the past. It’s an effect. It’s already dead. What you are being, your cogno-emotive vibration is the cause that will determine the next effect or the future outcomes. 

Remember, there is no cause and effect in this world of form. The world of form is the effect of the world of vibration. What you do is already a result, it’s already an effect and has no impact on the future. How you be, the emotional frequency you hold through your mechanical energy will determine what you attract into your future because this is the cause that draws the effect in form. 

There is so many places, so much circuitry in the energy body that has the ability to manifest and magnetize money. It is not about your life of cellular form. I am telling you, it is not because of what you do. It is not because of what college you went to or what degree you got. It is not because of what family you are born into or how much money you had growing up. It all has to do with your energy and your alignment with it. 

This is the most powerful thing you could do to create more wealth in your life. Align yourself with you alpha state so you could restore your authentic energy rather than identifying with your conditioning and all the stories from the world. All right brothers, now for the sake of time, I am going to move on to the process. I want to give you the process of how to manifest and magnetize money into your life. 

[0:18:33.5] This is a four-step process, so take out your quill and parchment if you want to take notes. I mean pen and paper, take out your pen and paper. I’m not that old. I’m really not that old. Okay so first, number one, in order to get what you want, you have to know what you want and as I mentioned earlier in this podcast, 99.999999% of the population is so deeply conditioned and doesn’t even know that they’re conditioned. 

So they have no idea what they want, which is why they are struggling to create something in their life. It takes deconditioning to get clear about what you want because otherwise, what you think you want is based on what other people have told you that you should want, do you understand? For example, a beautiful woman but what is beauty? Beauty is based on where you live in the world. 

That is based on where you live in the world, it is based on cultural conditioning, so you might be out there seeking Helen of Troy, the most beautiful woman in the world and your Helen might be a Medusa in another culture or country. They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the truth is, beauty is in the conditioned human mind and money is the same. How much money do you want? 

I promise you, it is based on conditioning and most of you don’t even have a fixed number. Generally when I ask that question, I get the answer, “Well, I want enough to be financially free,” or, “I want enough so that I don’t have to think about it anymore.” Neither of these responses indicate a clear answer of want, neither of these answers indicate a clear answer of desire and both of them are a reflection of a conditioned mind. 

It is almost a part of the narrative, the talking points, right? Financially free, this is a narrative. What does that mean? That’s nothing, that’s a thought that comes from conditioning. Brothers, first get clear on what it is you want and make sure it is from your authentic self instead of from an outer authority, that’s number one. 

[0:20:25.0] Number two, once you know what it is you want, you have to believe that you can have it. Listen brothers, every December in the academy we do what’s called the impossible goal and I love this tool because it allows for massive growth and it also shows that what we generally think is impossible is actually only borderline improbable. 

One of the things I am taking my 2.0 guys into this year when we get into December is learning how to hold that vibrational frequency so that you can increase your probability around attracting what your mental conditioning has labeled as impossible. This is belief and abundance. You have to believe that you deserve it and that it is already out there available for you. 

Whether that is money or a partner or health or freedom or whatever, this is a part of the 1.0 and the 2.0 curriculum. You are worthy of receiving what is here for you. Do you understand that? It is already here for you. This is the Garden of Eden brothers. We weren’t kicked out of the Garden of Eden, we just forgot we were living in it because of the mind and all the thoughts around scarcity. 

One thing that will influence this knowing of abundance within you is your own sense of personal value. Are you worthy of receiving what you want? Your value is inherent based solely on your existence, so allow yourself to believe that you can have all the good, all the amazing, all the money, all the wealthy, all the health, all the fun, all the love that is right here for you all the time. That’s number two, you deserve it. 

[0:22:03.5] Number three, you have to take guided action. Now, stop right there. What did I just say? You have to take guided action. I phrase that specifically. I didn’t say take action. I didn’t say take random action. I didn’t say take massive action. I said take guided action. Look, so many coaches, business coaches, fitness coaches, dating coaches, general life coaches are all about action. Action-action-action-action right? 

Stop thinking and act, just do it, right? Who says that? Who says just do it? Brothers, I can name 10 people and companies right now that use that slogan. I’ve even said it, right? Take massive action but guys we know that action isn’t the creative part of it. Action is the effect, the idea of doing the same thing over and over and over again and going out and making cold calls and all the things that society and conditioning has told us that we need to do to be more successful or to create success. 

All that is going to do is push you towards homogenization and burnout. Guided action is this, observe your mind for stories that aren’t you, follow the strategy of your energy mechanics, which is if you’re doing what showed up correctly in your reality based on your mechanics then you’re in alignment and finally, while you’re waiting for the universe to unfold perfectly for you, deliberately unconsciously and with great love take care of yourself and tend to your vibrational frequency. 

Put yourself in situations where you are constantly bathing in high frequency energies, love, abundance, freedom, trust and so on. How you do that is 100% up to you brother. Everybody has their own practice but practice hedonism. I don’t care how society connotes hedonism. Practice self-indulgent pleasures that create high vibrational frequencies for you so that you can learn to attract more of what’s correct for you. 

I am not talking about buffering here friends. I am talking about self-love. Get enough rest and take naps if you want to. Go sit in the hot tub, right? Read a funny book like Calvin and Hobbs. You know, watch some exciting entertaining or empowering videos on YouTube. Do what you want to do to keep your heart resonance open and your trusting in yourself and having faith in the universe, having faith in the future. 

That is your action to take when you’re waiting for your energy mechanics to function in alignment and for more on how your energy mechanics functions in alignment, I will offer a strategy and authority in future episodes and you can enroll in the academy right now if you want to get started immediately, that’s number three. 

[0:24:37.2] Finally number four, brothers always remember that emotions drive the process. Emotions are the energy. They are the cause that drives all of this form, which is the effect. You all know from 1.0 cognitive mastery that emotions stem from our conditioning and the meaning we give the circumstances in our life, right? 

They come from the stories. They come from stories we tell ourselves. Do your mind management work, nothing external has an emotional charge. Everything is neutral. Our emotions comes from our conditioning, they come from our thoughts so you are going to want to get in there and change the meaning or the emotional charge you are giving around things like money. 

This is why the academy 1.0 curriculum has been and will continue to be so successful in creating results for people. It all comes from the cognitive mastery and choosing the thoughts that will create the vibration that will attract to you what you want and deserve. Brothers, thoughts and emotions are the cause of our results. Actions are an effect, a neutral bridge between the invisible energetic vibration that is an emotion and the visible manifestation of form that is our results. 

[0:25:45.4] I know that is a lot my friends and it is actually all I have for you today. When you want to learn how to apply all of this to your life in order to create an abundance of health, wealth and relationships as a byproduct of your self-knowledge, enroll in the academy through an application and discovery call with me. I am providing you the offer and giving you the invitation. Are you ready to take guided action and enroll in the academy? Brothers, the life that you are meant to live is right in front of you. 

Until next week my friends, elevate your alpha. 



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