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Develop Indomitable Self-Confidence and Unlock Your Personal Greatness!
have the  Relationships, Wealth, and Health of your ALPHA MALE in 8 WEEKS!

Finally, a program for YOU to develop the skill of cognitive mastery and learn to create more self-confidence so you will talk to more people, have better relationships, meet more women, take more risks, set more goals, achieve more, believe beyond your current capabilities and capacities, and live into your future!

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What’s the deal with women and Self-Confidence?

Some women like tall men, some women like short men. Some women like bald men, some women like bearded men. Some women like men in suits, some women like men in gym clothes. Some women like strong, well-muscled men, some women like thin, super-lean men. Some women like dark-haired men, some women like light-haired men.

Some women are into money. Some women are into cars. Some women are into jewels. Some women are into status. Some women are into power. Some women are into fame. Some women are into clothes. Some women are into technology. Some women are into traveling. Some women are into books. Some women are into wine. Some women are into real estate.

Some women love generosity. Some women love compassion. Some women love charm. Some women love mystery. Some women love humor. Some women love intelligence. Some women love kindness. Some women love risk. Some women love curiosity. Some women love cooperation. Some women love fortitude. Some women love helpfulness. Some women love patience.

ALL women, every single one, loves CONFIDENCE. Confidence is the catch-all. It attracts women like moths to a flame.

Look, I am not going to tell you I’ve figured out the female psychology. I’m not going to feed you conjecture and lies like, “I know EXACTLY what to say to a woman to make her fall in love with you,” or, “There’s a special way to behave so that all women will sleep with you.”

It’s just not true guys, every woman is different.

That being said. . .

Confidence doesn’t act ONE WAY. Confidence doesn’t say ONE THING. Confidence is an emotion you feel when you trust yourself, know you can handle any situation, and think great stuff about yourself. It’s a powerful place to be cognitively and emotionally. It’s an attractive energy of passion, power, and abundance. When are in the mindset that creates self-confidence, you will be attractive to EVERY WOMAN, no matter where you are.

Here’s why. . .

Confidence means you are grounded. You are certain of your capabilities, regardless of your capacities. You have your own back and trust in yourself. You know that no matter what happens, you are going to be able to handle yourself. You are unafraid to feel any emotion, so even when the shit hits the fan you are unaffected. You maintain a calm and peaceful energy. You have a high opinion of yourself – not compared to other people, just in your own amazingness.

When women are in your presence and can feel your genuine self-confidence based on your actions, they love the feeling it gives them. They love the power and assuredness you transmute with your behavior and they feel comfortable and protected by your energy. Regardless of whatever other preference she might have in a man, she will ALWAYS be physically and sexually attracted to you.

Are all relationships like this?

Even the relationship with my boss, my friends, and in-laws?


I mean, they won’t be sexually attracted to you…but they will be drawn to your energy of positivity and abundance.  

Self-Confidence isn’t about getting the girl, it’s about getting what you WANT!

Self-Confidence is an emotion that drives MASSIVE ACTION to get DESIRED RESULTS.
When you learn to create and use confidence in your life, you will create amazing relationship with everyone you meet.


(check out week 3 for more on relationships)

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What about Wealth?

Is it true I can be financially free doing what I love with just a little Self-Confidence?


The reason why people fail to create more wealth in their life is not because of their circumstances or opportunities. It’s because of what they BELIEVE IS POSSIBLE. 

Self-confidence works on all fronts; relationships, wealth, and health.

I’ve seen people go from unemployment to earning $20,000/month.

NOTHING ABOUT THIS MAN CHANGED except for the way he thought about himself and who he was in the world.

I watched a guy take his business from an annual revenue of $1MIL to $5MIL! 

Again, there was no external change in this man – he simply changed what he believed about his life and business. 

Time and time again, people have left jobs to start their own businesses once they learn to harness the power of Indomitable Self-Confidence. 

I personally created a 6-figure business – lost it all when I was trapped in my Beta Condition – then snapped back with my Alpha State and create another 6-figure business.

Money and wealth are NEUTRAL.

Being your Alpha Male means living and loving life so much that you bring your own personal value everywhere you go – the Universe rewards you with gifts.

(check out weeks 4 and 7/8 for more on wealth)

And my Health?

How does Indomitable Self-Confidence relate to my Health?

Your health is the relationship you have with yourself.

The way you treat yourself will build or deplete your self-confidence. 

When develop your self-confidence, your health improves because there are things you want in your life (getting adequate sleep, exercise, eat healthy, read and feed the brain, amazing relationships and sexual connection, etc.) and there are things you don’t want in your life (nights full of actions you regret, overdrinking, drug use, watching pornography or hiring escorts, overeating and poor eating habits, excess TV/Netflix/video games, etc.)

When it comes to health, a self-confident Alpha Male has a relationship with himself at the highest level. 

Health for an Alpha Male means paying attention to the relationship you have with your body and mind.
Self-confidence drives actions that improve the capacity of the body and the mind.
This is the relationship you have 24/7. 

(check out weeks 5 and 6 for more on health)

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Tell me more about these 8 weeks.
What IS the Indomitable Self-Confidence Program?

This is the start session. Here you will earn about the Universal Truth and how to go about getting every result you want in life – women, wealth, health, and indomitable self-confidence.

  • Desired Outcomes & Talking Points
  • Where Are You Now?
  • What Results Do You Want To Create?
  • Obstacles And Strategies

Indomitable Self-Confidence is an emotion. We know it when we feel it and it feels amazing. Since it is an emotion, we can access this feeling AT ANY TIME when we practice.

The first session is about setting up a measurable result you want to create for your life. It can be in your relationships, your business, or your personal health. Once you have a desired result in mind, the first session will take you through the process of making it a reality. After the first session, you will know where you are in your mind (based on your current results), you will know where you want to go (based on your future results), and you will have an idea on how to get there.

Week 1
The Universal Truth

Week 2
Limiting Beliefs & Indomitable

This session goes deeper into The Model and introduces indomitable self-confidence. Self-confidence comes from your beliefs about yourself. Separating thoughts from facts helps build confidence and the session ends with defining and explaining self-confidence.

  • Desired Outcomes & Talking Points
  • What We Believe Is Based On Our Past
  • How To Discover Existing Beliefs
  • How To Believe Something We Don’t Yet Believe
  • What We Want Is Based On Our Future
  • How To Develop And Utilize Indomitable Self-Confidence

The second session gets into indomitable self-confidence itself. Self-confidence is an emotion, so the session starts with beliefs and separating thoughts from facts (circumstances). The call ends with the explanation of exactly what self-confidence is and how to achieve it – and the definition might surprise you! By the end of the second week, you will KNOW what indomitable self-confidence is, how to create it for yourself, and how to use the Universal Truth and The Model to become the man you want to be.

Relationships are the most misunderstood part of life. Relationships are thoughts, guys. You aren’t in a relationship with a person or a thing, you are only ever in a relationship with your thoughts about a person or a thing. All of life is a relationship – you can’t be alive without being in relationship to something.

  • Desired Outcomes & Talking Points
  • Relationships
  • The Manual
  • Unconditional Love
  • Your Relationship With Yourself, Your Health, Your Wealth, Other People, And Your Money

In this session, I will demystify the truth behind all relationships and show you how to create the relationships of your dreams. The third week will provide you with the knowledge and skill to create the relationships YOU WANT with ANYONE! At the end of week three not only will you have the tools to build optimum health and massive wealth, you will ALREADY start seeing your relationships with the people in your life change in amazing ways.

Week 3
The Secret To All Relationships

Week 4
Massive Action &
Scientific Process

It’s time to break down actions into exactly what they are – MATH. We have so many fears around action – fear of rejection, fear of humiliation, fear of embarrassment, fear of FAILURE. The truth is action is just physics (power); force times distance over time. When you understand the difference between action math and action drama, you’re confidence to take MASSIVE ACTION soars!

  • Desired Outcomes & Talking Points
  • Massive Action vs. Passive Action
  • Scientific Process
  • Constraint
  • Decision Making
  • Failure
  • Math vs. Drama

By the end of the fourth week your brain will make a perspective shift from taking action to feel emotion and meet expectation (which is what you experience BEFORE action) and taking action as it relates to learning and achieving (which are the results from action). When your brain makes this shift, you will be able to TAKE MASSIVE ACTION in your business, relationships, and life with greater EASE and CONFIDENCE. 20 steps is 20 steps, whether you’re entering your home from your car (neutral emotion) or approaching that beautiful woman in the coffee shop (anxious emotion). The fourth week will teach you to FEEL THE SAME in both circumstances – after all, it’s just 20 steps (action)!

Week 4 of the program has a VERY FUN SURPRISE – your life will NEVER be the same!

Alpha Men have more than cognitive mastery in their toolbox – they also have emotional ownership. Cognitive mastery is the gateway to living the life of your dreams – emotional ownership is walking the path to get there. You will get everything you want when you learn to use your mind and elevate your Alpha State – but here’s the thing: you only want those things in your life (results) because of the way you think they will make you feel. Elevated Alpha Men know that you can have feel anyway you want by creating emotion from thought AND by FEELING emotions is how to get RESULTS.

  • Desired Outcomes & Taking Points
  • What Emotions Are
  • Where Emotions Come From
  • Why Emotions Matter
  • Emotional Balance
  • Why We Want To Allow Our Emotions
  • How To Allow & Process Emotions
  • Creating Emotions To Fuel Action
  • Discomfort Is The Price Of Growth
  • Indulgent Emotions

The fifth week aims to undo everything you think you know about life. Right now you think you want {$10,000,000/the beautiful girlfriend/the amazing marriage/the 6-pack abs} because when you have it you will feel {amazing/confident/loved/happy/fulfilled}. That’s backwards. By the end of the fifth week you will have the algorithm AND formula to have the life of your dreams. I’ll tell you what it is RIGHT NOW:

Instead of chasing results so you will feel a certain way (backwards/Beta), you create specific feelings so you will attain a certain result (Universal Truth/Alpha).

The fifth week unlocks the secret all successful (Alpha) men know and teaches you HOW to create feelings and take emotional ownership.

Week 5
The Power Of Emotions

At this point in the program, you will notice some MAJOR changes in your life, your relationships, and your cognition. Your life will be filled with more abundance, you will feel more in control and empowered, people will seem to be drawn to you and want to be around you and your current relationships will improve, and you’ll have more energy and positivity throughout the day.

Physiologically, your posture will change. You will stand more upright, sit more upright, and when you walk you will look straight ahead to the horizon instead of down to the ground. You will look people in the eye with more ease, both when you talk to them and when you listen to them. You will be more open to speaking your mind without the fear of what other people think or will judge you.

Pay attention.

At this stage of the program, you are no longer the person that began the program.

The next three weeks are aimed at building Indomitable Self-Confidence moving forward – in your future and as your future self.

Week 6
Becoming Your Future Self:
How To Get It Done

Indomitable Self-Confidence is the emotion that drives MASSIVE ACTION and MASSIVE CHANGE. Whatever the reason you want to increase your confidence, I am 99% sure it has to do with your future – your women, your wealth, your health. The person you are today is determining the results you have today. The results you want tomorrow requires you to be a different person tomorrow. Week 6 will teach you the skill-set to create and step into the shoes of your future self – the man you WANT TO and are MEANT TO BE.

  • Desired Outcomes & Talking Points
  • Time
  • Importance Of Commitment
  • Proactivation
  • Process For Accomplishing A Goal

The reason you aren’t the person you want to be is because your brain resists change. Period. It’s EASIER to remain who you are. That is the ONLY reason. This week I am going to show you how to override you brains natural response to resist change so that you can BE THE PERSON YOU WANT TO BE. You’ll learn that abundance (time) + confidence (trust in self) = limitless results. The sixth week will reveal to you that the only difference between the person you are and the person you want to be is your results – and your results come from your actions which come from your emotions which come from your thoughts. By the end of the sixth week you will BE LIVING a different life and learning how to THINK LIKE the person that is living that new life. Once your thoughts about your life match your actions in that life, you’ve made the switch and have BECOME that person – which can happen OVERNIGHT!

The seventh week is brings it all together. The Beta Condition lives ON limiting beliefs and the Beta Male lives IN limiting beliefs. It’s time to tell your brain to do something impossible. It’s time to show your brain who’s in charge. The seventh week is where you will use your Alpha State you create an impossible goal and ACHIEVE IT. This is the proof in result. This is the week you test your Alpha skill-set of being a co-creator in the future of your dreams.

  • Desired Outcomes & Talking Points
  • Benefit Of Being Unrealistic
  • Worthy Fails vs. Escape Fails
  • Goal Selection
  • Obstacles
  • Strategies
  • Failing Well – Winning Or Learning

By the seventh week, your life is unrecognizable. You still look the same, it’s not your features that have changed. It’s your LIFE that is completely different. You are telling yourself new, amazing stories about who you are than you did 7 weeks ago – and people are telling different stories about you than they were 7 weeks ago. The stories we tell ourselves and other people is called an IDENTITY. At this point, you’ve created a new identity – your life is no longer going to be what it was.

You will exit the seventh week of the program with a new outlook on what’s possible for yourself and your future. The word ‘impossible’ will have a whole new meaning for you. The seventh week will end with the first steps of a plan for creating the impossible in your life complete – and the cognition and emotional framework laid down for success.

Week 7
Doing The Impossible

Week 8
Review & Moving Forward

In week 8, we complete the plan for creating the impossible in your life, review all the concepts in the program, and discuss moving forward into your Alpha State. The Indomitable Self-Confidence Program is a stand-alone course – once you complete this program you will have all the tools required to elevate your Alpha State, walk in cognitive mastery as an Alpha Male, and live the life of your dreams. Of course, that doesn’t mean the journey has to end. . .

  • Desired Outcomes & Talking Points
  • Review
  • Make A Plan
  • Elevated Alpha Society – Red Team

The end of the eighth week is the end of the program. By the end of this program, you will truly know what it means to have Indomitable Self-Confidence. You will be attacking life with eagerness, enthusiasm, and excitement. You’ll be able to talk to anyone and anytime in anyplace. You’ll be taking more risks and achieving more (you’ll also be failing more which means you will be LEARNING and GROWING). Best of all, you will be living into your future. Your life will be AHEAD of you instead of BEHIND you.

Tell me more about What I get.
How does the Indomitable Self-Confidence Program Work?

The Indomitable Self-Confidence Program is 8-weeks and work like this:

Each month a new class of 5 begins; you and 4 other people will go through the program together (although you might never know anyone else in your class).

Each week you will have two Zoom calls with me; a group call where I teach a concept (like a webinar) and a coaching call that is one-on-one with me to go over the worksheets and lesson from the group call.

(For information on the concepts covered each week, see above.)

The group call is on Monday (time will vary to accommodate all students and a recording of the call will be made available).

The private call is on either Wednesday or Thursday at a time that fits your schedule.

Each call is 45-60 minutes in duration.

During the week you will receive self-study worksheets that we will review during the private call.

You will also have self-study assignments that occur daily to help you make the cognitive shift.

We will coordinate via a Slack Group, where everything is centrally located (video recording, worksheets, access to me with questions, etc.)

You can reach me personally with questions via email or Slack.

If this all sounds ‘too good to be true’. . .

I want you to know right now that that is a limiting belief so many people share with you. It’s precisely that limiting belief that prevent people from taking a shot at the opportunities that will change their lives and open them up to a better version of themselves.

We’ve been taught that our capacity will create our confidence – that in order to feel more confident about something, we need to prove we are capable at it first. This is an erroneous belief. All it does is put you in a position to try and fail, then use that failure as evidence. Imagine if we had that mentality as babies learning to walk. We’ve never walked before – we have no evidence we can do it. Every time we try, we fail. If we relied on that failure as evidence of our capacity, we’d NEVER CREATE THE CONFIDENCE TO LEARN TO WALK!

The truth is, we always are going to fall off the bike the first time. We are always going to miss the target on the first shot. This doesn’t mean it should ever deplete our self-confidence – because self-confidence doesn’t come from our actions, it comes from your thoughts.

Here’s the bottom line: self-confidence isn’t simply the secret to getting the life you want. It’s also the secret to enjoying the life you have.

I don’t sell a service – I provide a result. 

The Indomitable Self-Confidence Program is a guaranteed result.


I used to tell my friends to be cautious of people who guaranteed a result because they never knew exactly what result they were guaranteeing. Let me tell you something right now – I guarantee this result because no matter what else happens in your life, if you do this program from beginning to end, all the modules, including every worksheet, self-study material, and challenge, you will not be the same man at the end that you were at the beginning.


self-confidence is a steal

As a BONUS, I am going to throw in TWO (2) FREE MONTHS to the Elevated Alpha Society!

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As a BONUS, I am going to give you 2 FREE MONTH’S access to The Elevated Alpha Society.

The Elevated Alpha Society is a membership website where I have a bunch of content on The Universal Truth, The Model, relationships, wealth, health, and other Alpha Male concepts and topics.

Being a member of the Elevated Alpha Society also gives you access to group coaching calls with me. On the website there is a tab to ask me a coaching question and on one of the group coaching calls, I will coach you through the issue. I will generally get through 3-5 questions during the 60-minute Elevated Alpha Society call.

The monthly membership dues for The Elevated Alpha Society is $197/month. 

That is a FREE BONUS valued at $400, just for registering for the Indomitable Self-Confidence Program!

Develop Indomitable Self-Confidence as an emotion that you can create and use AT WILL to drive MASSIVE ACTION and determine your INTENTIONAL RESULTS. 

The skill-set is cognitive mastery.

The benefit is Indomitable Self-Confidence.

The result is Elevating Your Alpha and living the LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS!

Pay In Full

$2,000In Full
  • The Universal Truth & The Alpha State
  • Limiting Beliefs & Indomitable Self-Confidence
  • The Secret To All Relationships
  • Massive Action & Scientific Process
  • The Power Of Emotions
  • Becoming Your Future Self: How To Get It Done
  • Doing The Impossible
  • Review & Moving Forward
  • 8 Weeks Of Self-Development
  • 16 Hours of Coaching Calls
  • Over 30 Self-Study Worksheets
  • Unlimited Emails and Slack Communication With Me
  • PLUS! – 2 FREE Months Access To The Elevated Alpha Society

2 Payments

$1,030Before Week 1 and Week 5
  • The Universal Truth & The Alpha State
  • Limiting Beliefs & Indomitable Self-Confidence
  • The Secret To All Relationships
  • Massive Action & Scientific Process
  • The Power Of Emotions
  • Becoming Your Future Self: How To Get It Done
  • Doing The Impossible
  • Review & Moving Forward
  • 8 Weeks Of Self-Development
  • 16 Hours of Coaching Calls
  • Over 30 Self-Study Worksheets
  • Unlimited Emails and Slack Communication With Me
  • PLUS! – 2 FREE Months Access To The Elevated Alpha Society