The Alpha Relationships Course

We are never in a relationship with a person or a thing.

We are Only Ever in a Relationships With Our Thoughts About a Person or a Thing.

This is The key to Alpha Relationships and The secret to creating Amazing Relationships.

Are you struggling because you make decisions in your life based on the ideas and wants of your partner?

Are you affected by the opinions of your friends, co-workers, and other people around you?

Does your identity of “who you are” come from your family, your past, and cognitive conditioning?

Does your sense of personal worth come from money, your job, or possessions?

Do you have difficulty meeting people, talking to people, and approaching women you find attractive?

Do you often feel lost, empty, or lonely? Even when other people are around?

If you answered yes you ANY ONE OF THESE QUESTIONS, it’s time to make the changes that will liberate you from fear, doubt, worry, and anxiety.

The ALPHA RELATIONSHIPS COURSE is the solution to the problem – and the problem is all in your thinking and belief systems.

UNDERSTANDING AND CREATING ALPHA REALTIONSHIPS will change your life. Let’s talk about how.

Relationships are Thoughts

We’re so confused about how the world works, especially when it comes to relationships. We’re under the impression that we have to control the world and that other people need to be a certain way so we can feel accepted, confident, and loved.

We have so many rules for our relationships that we have stopped experiencing them and are locked into our expectations of how these relationships ‘should’ be instead. When we do this, we give away the power we have to live the life we choose and start to capitulate to fear, worry, and doubt because we know – intuitively – that we can’t control the outcome of events.

Our relationships are simply our thoughts about another person and things. We can’t be alive and not be in relation to people and things because as long as we have thoughts (opinions), we are in a relationship with them.

Your relationship with anyone is dependent on your thoughts about them.

Now, many of you will say your thoughts about them are dependent on what they do and how they behave. That is the conditioning that drives HALF the Beta Condition and creates Beta Male behavior. The other HALF of the Beta Condition and Beta Male behavior is the when your thoughts about people are dependent on your expectations of them and how well they meet those expectations.

You don’t have a direct experience of the other person with nothing in between you. What’s in between you is all of your thinking and all of their thinking. You barely ever get to the other person at all, if at all.

The work you will do in this course is all about getting to the other person. We are going to wade through your thoughts and expectations and eliminate most of them so you can actually get to know the person you are in a relationship with.

Once you truly understand this, your relationships will never be the same. They will be so much better in every way.

Humans are Creators Our Purpose

Is To CREATE AMAZING RELATIONSHIPS with ourselves, other people, and the World around us!

The purpose of the Human is to create; to be needed, to be loved, and to be included in the great movement of Life.

This urge lies WITHIN every individual.

When is comes to relationships, we have the ability to determine the result of EVERY RELATIONSHIP WE HAVE – with people and with things – through the power of our creation.

Creating Alpha Relationships is a process of self-mastery.

In this course you will learn to let go of expectations and outcomes that you have no control over and begin to take control over the results and experiences that you have 100% control of.

When this happens, you will exchange fear for faith, self-doubt for self-confidence, anxiety for courage, and worry for peace.

You will be a master of your mind and living from your Alpha State – a pure state of intuition and creation.

This will drive actions that all humans identify as Alpha Male behaviors.

You will feel grounded, calm, self-assured, self-confident, and completely open to receiving what you deserve – the results of your creation.

You will act with assertiveness, as a leader, purpose-driven, and constantly contributing to creating happiness for yourself and all the people in your life – including the new friends and lovers you attract.

Alpha Relationships begin with cultivating the relationship you have with yourself and extending that to everyone around you and you will learn how to do that in this course.

What IS The Alpha Relationships Course and How does It Work?

The Alpha Relationships Course includes Twelve (12) Segments, built around instructional videos & self-study exercises, allowing you to work through the course at your own pace, on your own time.

  • Each Segment will include a video, educational content, and worksheets to provide more clarity to the concepts and practice the cognition shift and actionable requirement aimed at developing Alpha Relationships .
  • Over 35 Worksheets that aim to Elevate Your Alpha and Unlock Your Purpose that lives WITHIN YOU
  • Three (3) 30-day mind management Daily Self-Study challenge tools develop your Self-Confidence, Courage, and Passion on a daily basis.
  • Upon registering for the course, you will have access to all videos and all content at once. You can work through the content at your OWN PACE and review key concept ANY TIME.

The Universal Truth For How Life Works

The Universal Truth is the foundation of the Alpha paradigm for relating with Life. The Universal Truth For How Life Works shows you how your brain is constantly creating your life and all the results your have in it – including who you believe you are, what you choose to do with your time, and how you relate to the people in your life.

  • The Universal Truth For How Life Works
  • The Model Of Alignment
  • Circumstances Are Neutral (C)
  • Thoughts Are Always The Problem (T)
  • Why Your Aren’t Taking Action (F)
  • Massive Action (A)
  • You Can Create Anything You Want (R)

This concept and algorithm is the foundation of my methodology. Not only have I used this methodology for creating MAJOR transformations in my own life, I have taught this philosophy to hundreds of students and seen with my own eyes that my results aren’t unique. The Universal Truth For How Life Works is the way all humans relate with Life, with other people, and with themselves. It is the starting point for creating Alpha Relationships.

This basic concept will one day be the most important lesson taught in schools – more valuable than reading, writing, and understanding basic mathematics. With this knowledge, you can literally create, accomplish, and contribute ANYTHING you want in Life.

What Are Relationships?
What Are ALPHA Relationships?

The segment on Alpha Relationships introduces the concept of ‘relationship’ to you in a whole new way. What are relationships? Your relationship with yourself Inherent and immutable value Your relationship with your past Your relationship with money and possessions The segment on Alpha Relationship is where you learn what a true relationship is and what YOUR purpose is in creating the relationship you desire with intention. We think a relationship is something we have with other people and things and it’s dependent on them – the external being or object. You will discover that this misunderstanding is the cause of so much suffering in human relationships. The truth is we have 100% control over how every relationship is experienced in our lives. This segment teaches you how to answer the questions that your brain is asking in a whole new way, flooding you with purpose, intention, self-worth, and indomitable self-confidence. This segment alone is worth taking the course. Once you understand the secret to relationships, you will have the key to create the experiences you desire and deserve.

Relationships With Other People

The Relationships With Other People takes the Alpha Relationships segment to the next level. Building off The Universal Truth and Alpha Relationships, I will reveal to you a portion of The Matrix that most people will live a lifetime without ever seeing.

  • What Are Relationships – Revisited
  • The Three Parts of Every Relationship With Another Person
  • Your Relationship With Yourself (In Relationships)
  • Your Relationship With Other People (In Relationships)
  • Your Relationship With The Relationship (In Relationships)
  • The Matrix
  • Your Relationship With Things (Money & Time)

In this segment I will demystify the truth behind all relationships with people and things. Remember, we are never in a relationship with a person or a thing, we are only ever in a relationship with OUR THOUGHTS about a person or a thing. This is true for everything in the world. It is important to understand this truth so you can meet people where they are and build your intentional thoughts around how you want the relationship to be expressed in your life. This includes your relationship with other people, your relationship with time, and your relationship with things (like money).

Mirror Principle & Inversion Principle

The Mirror and Inversion Principles are an Alpha Male Tenet and I include them in the Alpha Relationships Course because they are a pair of concepts that will change your life FOREVER.

  • Relationships – The Truth
  • The Mirror Principle
  • The Inversion Principle

This pair of Alpha Male Tenet aims to undo everything you think you know about relationships and the way the world works.

 Humans are constantly creating their lives and living in the way they see the world – never seeing the world for the way it really is. When you remove beliefs and perceptions about people, you open yourself up to creating the beliefs and perception to determine on purpose – the way they will serve you and develop the relationships you desire. This segment is highly conceptual and, when you begin to apply it, your life will never be the safe again.

The Power Of Emotions What Are Feelings?

The Power Of Emotions segment is a paradigm shift that will free you from being a slave to the actions and words of other people for the rest of your life. After taking this segment, you will be the master of your feeling instead of a slave to them.

  • What Emotions Are
  • Where Emotions Come From
  • Why Emotions Matter
  • Emotional Balance
  • Why We Want To Allow Our Emotions
  • How To Allow & Process Emotions
  • Creating Emotions To Fuel Action
  • Discomfort Is The Price Of Growth
  • Indulgent Emotions

Relationships won’t bring you motivation, fulfillment, love, self-worth, or any other emotion or feeling. Right now you think you want {to date multiple women/the beautiful girlfriend/the amazing marriage/a connection with your family} because when you have it you will feel {amazing/confident/loved/happy/fulfilled}. That’s backwards. By the end of The Power Of Emotion segment you will have the algorithm AND formula to create the relationships of your dreams.

I’ll tell you what it is RIGHT NOW:

Instead of chasing relationships so you will feel a certain way (backwards/Beta), you create specific feelings so you will attract the relationship you desire (Universal Truth/Alpha).

Manuals & Boundaries

Manuals are the most destructive things we can impose on a relationship – and yet they are prescribed my counselors from multiple disciplines. Boundaries are the most powerful things we can create for our relationships and I believe they to be the most misunderstood part of human interactions. This segment will provide you with some powerful actionable items for you use RIGHT NOW in all the relationships you have in your life.

  • The Manual
  • Boundaries
  • Setting Boundaries
  • Enforcing Boundaries
  • Why Enforcing Boundaries Is Tough

Get ready for a segment that you can use right now and begin the process of making changes in your life. Many of the segments in this course require practice and skill development. This segment, on the other hand, provides an immediate application to all the relationships you have in your life and the ones you are attracting to you as you read this. When you begin to use the concepts in this segment, you will start to see immediate, life-changing results!

Unconditional Love & Irrational Fear

Unconditional Love and Irrational Fear and the emotions that I teach as the primary drivers of actions in relationships. When we are unconscious and in the Beta Condition, we are driven by an irrational fear that manifests in several ways. As we become more conscious and free to live within the Alpha State, there is little reason not to show up with Love for all people. Love is never required, but it is ALWAYS an option. 

  • Humans Are Love
  • All Humans Are Worthy Of Love – We Are 100% Lovable
  • Unconditional Love
  • Irrational Fear
  • The Dark Side

Many people believe that Unconditional Love is reserved for saints and people who are beyond the realm of what most of us consider ‘normal’. This misconception of Love has been a disservice to us all. Love is a choice, not something that happens to us. It is a feeling that we create, with intention, from our thoughts. That being said, so is fear. And in MOST CASES, the fear we feel is completely irrational. The truth is, there is never anything to fear – including fear itself. In this segment you will learn how to identify irrational fear, allow it to be what it is (a harmless feeling), and choose an emotion that better serves you and your relationships. Remember, Love is always an option.

Social Anxiety & Approach Anxiety

Probably the strongest barrier to building any connection in a relationship is ANXIETY. As a coach who helps men get better at approaching and dating women, as well as starting new business and streams of income, I can tell you that anxiety is the feeling most often associated with lack of action. It’s time to break down actions into exactly what they are – MATH. We have so many fears around action – fear of rejection, fear of humiliation, fear of embarrassment, fear of FAILURE. The truth is action is just physics (power); force times distance over time. When you understand the difference between action math and action drama, you’re confidence to take MASSIVE ACTION soars!

  • What Is Anxiety?
  • Social Anxiety
  • Approach Anxiety
  • Performance Anxiety

Anxiety (and all emotions) never come from the external world of circumstance. It is always a thought error caused by a limiting belief that isn’t serving you. In this segment, I will identify the general cognition around each of these form of anxiety so that you can find the specific belief that is creating anxiety for you. Once you are aware, most of the anxiety will go away IMMEDIATELY. What remains is a process of new thought creating and MASSIVE ACTION, which interrupts the Model of Alignment and builds courage.


Alright, I wanted to throw jealousy in this course because of how often I hear it being created from the brains of my students and how destructive it is for relationships. This is will be a powerful segment for you if jealousy has been an emotion that drove you to take impulsive actions leading to undesired results. 

  • Why Jealousy?
  • What Is Jealousy?
  • Illusion #1 of Jealousy
  • Illusion #2 of Jealousy
  • Illusion #3 of Jealousy
  • How To Eliminate Jealousy

Jealousy is based on three cognitive errors and has a foundation in fear. This is why it is so insidious, elusive, and powerful. It’s one of those emotions that drives insane behavior and results that we often regret later. I find jealousy to be so insane that I wanted to include it in this course so that you can eliminate from your life forever. I have done this work myself and have seen it work for my students as well. If you are a person who gets jealous – now is the time for you take back control and never let this useless emotion drive your actions again. This results of this segment alone – if you struggle with feeling jealous – will change your life and are well worth the price of the course.

Seeking & Dating (The Romantic Relationship)

The Seeking & Dating segment, as well as the following segment on Commitment, are designed to help you build the relationship of your dreams from an understanding of what it means to find and be in a relationship, especially an intimate, romantic relationship. This segment is for you to learn how to attract the ‘right partner’ and then begin the process of relating with her. 

  • What Are Your Seeking?
  • Becoming Your Authentic Self
  • Approaching – The First 3 Seconds
  • Engaging – The First 10 Minutes
  • Dating – The First Week

Listen, I am a Cognitive Mastery Coach. I work with your beliefs to help you help yourself create the life you dream of and deserve. Of course, that can’t happen without MASSIVE ACTION. The Law of Attraction is a powerful tool, but it NEVER WORKS unless you ACT. This segment will introduce you to some of the broad, general, and inclusive concepts that all humans must understand when relating to other humans with a romantic intention.

THIS IS NOT A PICK-UP ARTIST SEGMENT. Will you learn how to approach and talk to beautiful women? Absolutely. However, you will do the work on YOURSELF FIRST in order to know which women to approach, how to approach them, and what to say when you are talking to them. This segment is for you to create authentic and amazing connections with women who you want to connect with – intellectually as well as physically.  

What Is Commitment? (The Committed Relationship)

Building off the Seeking & Dating segment, the segment on Commitment will seem – at first – counter-intuitive. The reason it will seem counter-intuitive is because commitments are not made to people, they are made to outcomes and results.

  • The Three Thought In A Relationship
  • Commitment To And Love Of Yourself In A Relationship
  • Commitment To And Love Of The Other Person In A Relationship
  • Commitment To The Relationship
  • Want Matches

Believe it or not – we don’t commit to a person. This is an illusion. Instead, we commit to a partnership which is expressed in a mutually determined set of wants, desires, and outcome for the partnership itself. This segment will take everything you’ve learned to another level – especially if you’re already in a partnership, whether it’s a marriage, long-term or short-term relationships, or just started dating. When you learn and apply the concept in this segment, you’ll have the tools to create an EMPIRE with your partner (or decide to move on and attract the next amazing partnership in your life).

Trust, Faith, and Moving Forward

In the final segment, I will introduce a pair of concepts that are (and continue to be by most humans) completely misunderstood and misapplied to relationships. These basic concepts are TRUST and FAITH.

  • Trust
  • Faith
  • Moving Forward
  • Elevated Alpha Society Spartan Academy For The Development of Cognitive Mastery

Trust and Faith are not what you you’ve been taught to believe they are. Contrary to popular belief, no one can break your trust and it’s impossible for any human to earn your trust. There is only ONE THING that you can trust in another human – and you will learn what that is in this segment. Similarly, Faith is a concept often applied to religious beliefs. However, Faith itself has more to do with a cognitive pattern of creation and how we go about manifesting the results in our life.

At the end of this segment, I will also give you some tools for proceeding on with creating amazing, Alpha Relationships and introduce the Alpha Academy for students who want to evolve intellectually and physically. There is no other scholastic or training curriculum like it and I have had the privilege of witnessing hundreds of students take the momentous leap from a fear-based, scarcity-driven thought pattern to a love-based, abundance-driven belief system. You will be attacking life with eagerness, enthusiasm, and excitement. You’ll be able to talk to anyone and anytime in anyplace. You’ll be taking more risks and achieving more (you’ll also be failing more which means you will be LEARNING and GROWING). Best of all, you will be living into your future. Your life will be AHEAD of you instead of BEHIND you.

Who is The Aplha Relationships Course Not For?

If This All Sounds Too Good To be True. . .

Here’s the bottom line: you have the Universal Truth working with you all the time. Creating amazing relationships is why we are here, living through a human experience. Relationships are the secret to enjoying the life you have.

This course doesn’t provide a service – it helps you determine a result.

The Alpha Relationships Course is a guaranteed result.



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