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Benefit: Complete leadership/guidance training with office hours (one-on-one calls with Academy students), guide all beginning students through first trigram, use imagination and ingenuity to make a MAJOR CONTRIBUTION to the Academy, introduction to Human Design and Gene Keys, get RTT from Kevin for three (3) points in childhood, move into Inner Circle or The Path (which allows entry to the High Council)

Learned/mastered: EGO DEATH & LEADERSHIP

  • – 288 calls with new students (office hours/20-minutes, 24 students)
  • – Monitor group coaching calls for Level 4’s and Level 5’s
  • – Work with First Trigram students for development and testing
  • – Major contribution to The Academy* – 3 RTT sessions with Kevin
  • – HD/GK reading with Kevin
  • – Attend graduation into either The Path or The Inner Circle (3 Ayahuasca ceremonies in Peru with Kevin)
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